Feb 072015


An Online Universe is now three years old.

I have thought about closing the site down and quitting so many times. There are weeks when writing is a chore and months when I hate everything I write. Life gets busy and it’s often difficult to dedicate the time needed to keep it ticking along. Sometimes the site is busy and other times, not many people drop by. Often I wonder, is the effort is worth it?

Then THAT film comes along. The one that crawls into your brain and fills in every space it can. It eats away at you, it haunts your dreams, it jumps on your moments of quiet. When that happens, writing is the only cure. Writing is exorcising the whirling thoughts from your brain and shaping them into a form that others can hopefully comprehend.

So for now, An Online Universe lives. Thank you for dropping by, it really does mean the world.

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  1. Happy birthday guys!