Jan 282015


It’s been a couple of years since I wrote about podcasts I love, so I thought it was about time to update my list. After the jump check out 8 podcasts I recommend film lovers check out.

Rancho Notorious
New Zealand-based film podcast hosted by Fishhead Editor and RNZ contributor Dan Slevin and Kailey Cruthers. As well as covering new release films, the pair have a wide range of guests and interviews.

The Slate Culture Gabfest
While not strictly a film podcast (and it’s worth listening for the wide-ranging pop culture discussion), the show reviews or talks about film in some capacity most episodes. One of its three hosts is my personal favourite film critic, Dana Stevens.

The Matinee Cast
Ryan McNeil’s Matinee Cast is long-time favourite of mine. The Toronto-based critic has a different guest on every week to discuss one of the week’s new release films, listener feedback, the always interesting “the other side”, and more.

Filmspotting and Filmspotting: SVU
I would call Filmspotting the Grandaddy of podcasts. It may not be the oldest, but it is certainly one of the most respected. Discussions of new releases, classics, news and top five lists make-up this show. Its newer sibling SVU (that’s, streaming video unit) focuses on reviewing VOD and home releases available on streaming services.

WTFPod with Marc Maron
Twice-weekly podcast hosted by comedian Marc Maron. While it’s mostly comedians, Maron does have some really interesting film industry guests come on the show. There’s something about his relaxed interview style and candor that seems to get great interviews out of people. If you’re new, check out the Paul Thomas Anderson episode.

Hell is for Hyphenates
Monthly podcast hosted by Melbourne-based Paul Anthony Nelson and Lee Zachariah. The pair are joined every month by a guest (critics, artists, filmmakers & more) to talk about new releases, film news, and to discuss the work of a chosen filmmaker in-depth.

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews
The BBC’s flagship film podcast, this show is predominately based around new releases and the UK box office top 10 chart. It’s a show that rewards long-term listeners through in-jokes, catch phrases and reoccurring gags. Mark Kermode is an extremely talented critic and I always enjoy hearing him champion an indie film or pan the latest from Michael Bay.

NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour
Like the Culture Gabfest, this show is pop culture-based and therefore doesn’t feature discussion on film every week. However, when it does it is spirited, well-articulated and interesting discussion. I recommend a recent episode where the three hosts talk about the amazing Selma and dramatic license.

There are so many shows I haven’t touched on, but these are the 9 that I regularly listen to. Other podcasts people love include Rope of Silicon, Linoleum Knife, AMC Movie Hour, Cinereelists, The Dissolve’s podcast, Slashfilm and the Empire Magazine podcast.