Dec 232014


So, the rule, if any is..if it got any sort of release in 2014, it’s eligible. The rule of festivals means nothing, purely because I’m still waiting for a DVD release of Alps which was on my list in 2012. If you see a film on this list that you want to catch but it was a festival film, it should hopefully encourage you, like me to fight to see the film in some way!

These films, these are the ones with good female characters, characters of ethnic diversity, characters who speak languages other than English and stories that exclude no one, but to some degree baffle all.

I don’t have any descriptions for each film, I’m hoping the list speaks for itself, but I implore you to ask me about any of the films on this list, whether it be regarding its release date or what in the hell I was thinking.

These are the movies that made me love movies and encouraged me to want to tell stories this year, I hope any one of them does the same courtesy for you.

=1. Snowpiercer
=1. Black Panther Woman
3. Hannah Arendt
4. Fish & Cat
5. The Immigrant
6. Life Itself
7. Why Don’t You Play In Hell
8. John Wick
9. Fat Pizza Vs Housos
10. Inside Llewyn Davis
11. Any Day Now
12. The Double
13. Pride
14. Jordorowsky’s Dune
15. Difret
16. Kumiko The Treasure Hunter
17. Interstellar
18. Winter Sleep
19. Nebraska
20. Magic In The Moonlight
21. Non-Stop
22. Nightcrawler
23. Edge Of Tomorrow
24. Galore
25. Bright Days Ahead
26. Predestination
27. When Animals Dream
28. Maps To The Stars
29. What We Do In The Shadows
30. The To Do List
31. The Grand Budapest Hotel
32. Wolf Creek 2

Special consideration: The Kingdom Of Doug.
A 15 minute short film directed by Victoria Thane about a cult leader organising a mass suicide with his followers.
It achieves in 15 minutes what most horror films struggle to do in 70. It’s upsetting and terrifying. Seek it out, please.
By Chris Elena