Nov 032014

Winner of the 2014 Sydney Film Festival Prize, Two Days, One Night gets a cinema release in Australia this Thursday (November 6th).

From writer-directors Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne (The Kid with a Bike, Rosetta), it is a moving and poignant film which is so relevant for our current economic climate.

The official synopsis as is follows:

Academy Award®-winner Marion Cotillard (La Vie en Rose) is Sandra, a married woman with two children who plans to return to her factory job after a breakdown. However she’s told that she is to be made redundant, while her co-workers will receive a bonus. In order to help her, Sandra’s best friend at work has convinced their boss to hold a vote – do the workers want to save Sandra’s job, or keep their bonus? It is Friday and the vote will be held on Monday – Sandra has the weekend to persuade her workmates to keep her employed, or to sacrifice their bonus they need to make ends meet.

I was rather affected by this film and the moral conundrum that it presented. I’m sure that all of us would like to think that we would be one of the people to give up our bonuses for our colleague’s job, but I’m not sure it would be so easy to say goodbye to that sort of money. It’s a fascinating idea, one which speaks to the humanity in us.

Marion Cotillard delivers one of the year’s best performances in this film, particularly in regards to displaying the mannerisms and moods of someone who is dealing with mental health issues. Sandra is a complex character and Cotllard gives her incredible depth.

A list of cinemas playing Two Days, One night can be found here.

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