Aug 172014


I was honoured when Ryan McNeil at The Matinee invited me to contribute a guest post to his fantastic site. The brief – write about a film you didn’t like a first, but grew to love when you watched it again. A couple of films sprung to mind, but the film I think I’ve done the biggest 180 on is Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

When Eyes Wide Shut was released in cinemas I was 14, that’s 4 years below the age allowed by New Zealand law to view the film. I didn’t know who Stanley Kubrick was, but I knew Hollywood stars Kidman and Cruise, and I thought a film with both of them in it might be cool. A few years later I caught the film when it played on TV late one Saturday evening. By then the film had become infamous for the orgy scenes, and Cruise and Kidman had ended their marriage, but I still didn’t know who Kubrick was (I was a late bloomer in many areas of film appreciation).

Read the full post at The Matinee.

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