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I don’t want to say the ‘O’ word so early in the year, so I’m not going to. But the ‘O’ word is definitely in play as the spring releases start pouring in. There’s a mix of big hitters, O hopefuls and indie titles (that are coming from the festival circuit) coming to our cinemas in spring. After the jump I’ve listed 16 films to seriously consider seeing this spring* – check them out. (*subject to the ever-changing Australian cinema release schedule)


Boyhood (Sept 4)
Night Moves (Sept 11)
Jodorowsky’s Dune (Sept 18)
The Skeleton Twins (Sept 25)

September: Thanks to Sydney Film Festival I’ve seen all the films I’ve listed above for my picks in September, so I can say with absolute confidence that these films are all worth seeing. The reasons you should see Boyhood are too long to list. Watching people age over 12 years in the space of 2 and a half hours is an incredibly humbling experience. Night Movies is a fantastic indie drama-thriller with a cracking performance from Jesse Eisenberg; while The Skeleton Twins contains one of my favourite single scenes of the year – I’ll see it again just for that.  Jodorowsky’s Dune is the incredibly amusing story of what is perhaps the greatest film ever made. This has entertainment value that goes beyond film nerdism, it’s simply a fantastic story, told well.



Gone Girl (Oct 2)
The Judge (Oct 9)
Force Majeure (Oct 16)
Whiplash (Oct 23)
This is Where I Leave You (Oct 23)

October: David Fincher’s Gone Girl has to be my most anticipated film of October. The book absolutely sucked me in and I am so interested to see what Fincher has made of it. Gone Girl has it’s world première at New York Film Festival September 26, only 6 days before it’s Aus release. The Judge starring  Robert Downey Jr., Robert Duvall & Vera Farmiga is a drama in which a big city lawyer (Downey Jnr) returns to his hometown, where his father (the town’s judge, Duvall) is suspected of murder. Swedish drama Force Majeure was well received at Cannes, where it won the Un Certain Regard Jury Prize. Sundance grand jury prize winner for best dramatic film Whiplash and Shawn Levy’s This is Where I Leave You both get an October 23 release. Adapted from the novel of the same name, Levy’s messed-up family comedy-drama has an impressive ensemble cast which includes Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, Jane Fonda and Adam Driver.


Interstellar (Nov 6)
Two Days, One Night (Nov 6)
The Drop (Nov 13)
Winter Sleep (Nov 13)
The Good Lie (Nov 13)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 (Nov 20)
Serena (Nov 27)

November; This month is stacked! Big hitters, festival darlings and a couple of interesting looking indies all hit Aus cinemas in November. Top of many people’s most anticipated lists for the year is Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. I’m excited for this mostly because Nolan is making a non Batman film again. Sydney Film Festival Prize winner, the hard-hitting Two Days, One Night might be the perfect film to see pre-Christmas shopping spree. The late James Gandolfini stars alongside Noomi Rapace and Tom Hardy in The Drop, a crime drama about a robbery gone awry. Also out November 13th is Palm d’Or winner Winter Sleep, which is worth seeing for the incredible location, and The Good Liea drama from Philippe Falardeau, the director of the beautiful Monsieur Lazhar. Jennifer Lawrence is back on November 20th to kick ass in the 3rd installment of The Hunger Games franchise, and again one week later on the 27th in Susanne Bier’s Southern US Depression-era drama, Serena.

What are you looking forward to seeing this spring? Have I missed any out?

By Sam McCosh

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  1. Interstellar and Winter Sleep are probably the two I’m most looking forward to from that list. I’m dismayed at how many I’ve already seen – that’s what happens when you overdose at film festivals !! I guess I might rewatch a couple of them. The one I’m most interested in not on your list is In Bloom out Sept 25th.

    • Festivals do cut down on excitement at general release time, but I see it as a good chance to catch up on good TV! I hadn’t heard of IN BLOOM but it looks interesting. I don’t know why I’m not interested in MAP TO THE STARS but I’m not. In saying that, I’ll watch it just for Julianne Moore.

  2. Oh, I thought of another one Cronenberg’s Maps To Stars – Oct 16th !!!

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