Jun 152014


Dan Slevin and Kailey Carruthers are back with their new film podcast, Rancho Notorious. I really enjoyed listening to Dan and Kailey in their former home, so I’m so glad their campaign to fund a new podcast was successful.  I was so delighted when Dan asked me to be a guest on the pilot episode. We recorded this halfway through Sydney Film Festival so I must admit that I was extremely exhausted. Afterwards I realised I said “real” instead of “really”. How embarrassing. Don’t let that stop you listening though. The episode synopsis is below:

This week, Dan and Kailey are joined by TVNZ’s Darren Bevan to review Tom Cruise in Edge of TomorrowThe Fault in Our Stars (starring Shailene Woodley) and NZ indie Fantail are reviewed and Sam McCosh reports from Australia on the Sydney Film Festival.

Check the show at Funeral & Snakes and follow them on Twitter.

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