Feb 042014

It’s our 2nd Birthday! It’s hard to believe that I’ve written about movies on this site for 2 years now and you all are still reading. Over the last year I’ve written some things I am really proud of. I think my coverage of the Sydney Film Festival was excellent; I loved immersing myself in the Sydney Underground Film Festival; and think some stand alone reviews such as The Wolf of Wall Street were fairly decent.

So far 2014 has been a quiet one on the site. It’s not that there hasn’t been good movies to write about, it’s more that I haven’t really felt like writing about them. I think all writers have slow patches, times when for whatever reason they’re just not as motivated. I’ve learnt over the last 2 years not to be so hard on myself in these times. Just ride it out, keep watching movies and the inspiration will return soon enough. An Online Universe will certainly be around to celebrate birthday number 3. This is the year I’m going to the Toronto International Film Festival after all!

A special thanks to Chris Elena, Johnson Hii, Luke Grima, Ben Buckingham, Kimberley Santos and everyone else who has contributed over the last year. I’m honoured that you are willing to let me share your thoughts on film.

Most important of all, thank you dear readers. Frequent readers, occasional readers, people who find the site for the first time – you’re what makes it all worth it.


By Sam McCosh

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  6 Responses to “An Online Universe is 2!”

  1. Awesome work! Happy birthday AOU!

  2. Two years?! Wow, that’s great. Happy blogiversary to you and your contributors!

  3. Congrats! Nice work. Two years of blogging is no joke.

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