Jan 062014


Currently screening at IMAX is the fantastic documentary Great White Shark. By showing the shark’s in their natural environment and place at the top of the oceanic food-chain, the film attempts to take away their “villain” tag” and show them for the beautiful, important creatures that the scientists, researchers and lovers of the ocean in this film believe they are.

Filmed over three years in digital 3D at beautiful locations such as Stewart Island in New Zealand and Mexico’s legendary Guadalupe Island, the film is an immersive, breathtaking cinema experience. I thoroughly enjoyed being taken to such amazing locations to see the incredible creatures swimming in their own environment. There is something quite impressive about seeing a giant Great White glide past you on the IMAX screen.

The film is narrated by Bill Nighy, who quite frankly, I would listen to read the phone book. He’s fantastic. Great White Shark is suitable for all ages, as the film does not to show anything frightening or bloody, so to keep the film accessible for the youngest of film-goers.

Educational without being preachy and informative while still being entertaining and impressive, this is a documentary worth catching at your local IMAX.
Great White Shark is currently screening at IMAX  Melbourne and opens on January 9th at IMAX Darling Harbour.


By Sam McCosh