Nov 252013

After a 3 month hiatus, Film Link Goodness is back. I must apologies for not keeping up with the posts, but much like everyone else, I’m busy and sometimes life gets in the way. For the last 2 weeks I’ve been on a wonderful holiday in New Zealand. During my trip I only went to the cinema twice (Mr Pip, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), so I don’t have too much to write about right this moment. The rest of you have kept busy however, and I’ve enjoyed catching up on films via your writing. After the jump check out the links.


The Broken Circle Breakdown is one of the films I saw at Sydney Film Festival that didn’t work for me. While I thought the first half was a beautiful, quite realistic portrayal of the development of a relationship and a family, I felt that the latter stages of the film were extremely emotionally manipulative and the film was excessively cruel to the characters. It actually made me quite mad. Ryan McNeil had an altogether different take on the film, and while I didn’t like the film I really enjoyed reading his take on it. You can also check out The Matineecast Episode 99 for further discussion.

There is something incredibly inspiring about people fulfilling their dreams; people going out in the world and working hard to make things happen. Alex Withrow has just starting filming his first feature film, Wait. Alex is a writer I have admired for some time and I was very impressed by his short film Earrings. He has posted two updates on the film so far on his site And So it Begins and they’re a fascinating look into both the process and his personal feelings and thoughts about it all. I highly recommend you give them a read. Best of luck Alex! I will be eagerly following your progress.

Mads Mikkelson Appreciation. Need I say more. Thanks Sati!

Adoration (or Two Mothers as has been also screened as) is a film which has received decidedly mixed reviews. I’m intrigued enough to try to make the time to see it, but I can’t say reviews like this one from Simon Miraudio are really inspiring me make the trek to the cinema. I too, value my time Simon!


Kiki’s Delivery Service is one of my favourite Ghibli films. I’m not sure that there is any film that is as sweet and delightful in existence. At Movie Mezzanine they have a Studio Ghibli retrospective now underway and as part of this Christopher Runyon has written a fantastic piece about this most wonderful of films.

Music documentaries are a favourite genre of mine. I love hearing good music through the powerful cinema speakers, while learning about the stories behind their creation and creators. At Sydney Film Festival I saw an incredibly uplifting, fascinating and powerful film called Twenty Feet From Stardom. The film focused on backup singers and their life, dreams and contribution to some of the most famous pop songs ever made. It was equal parts toe-tapping and emotional. Sarah Ward has written a wonderful review at Arts Hub of the film, which is currently out in limited release in Australia.

So who would have guessed that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire  would turn out to be one of the biggest films of the year? I liked the first film, but found aspects (especially the camera work) off-putting. This film builds on the world with more intensity and depth, largely thanks to the seriousness of the political situation and the threat of a rebellion. The talent of the ensemble cast aids the immensely talented Jennifer Lawrence in bringing the interesting characters to life. Andrew Buckle has pretty much echoed my thoughts on the film in his well-written review at Graffiti with Punctuation.

Finally this post, the below infographic on the insanely talented Matthew McConaughey by Yahoo Movies (which I found by way of @richonfilm on Twitter) is the best thing on the internet this month. Long live the McConnaughssance!


By Sam McCosh