Sep 262013


In a rivalry between two Formula One racing drivers, who defy the odds and become champion? The man who utilises logic and science or the man with the hot head and the passion for speed?Based on true events, Rush explores the rivalry between two such drivers and brings the adrenaline of F1 to the big screen. My review after the jump.

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Sep 232013


The Princess of Wales, former husband of Prince Charles and renowned Humanitarian during the mid 90’s. So, if Diana, the 117 minute saga chronicling two years in the life of possibly the most famous woman alive from 1995 to 1997 isn’t about her humanitarian work nor her marriage to Prince Charles, nor her decisions when in power and especially not her independence as a renowned female figure, then what story could be in store for such an elusive character? My review of Diana after the jump.

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Sep 202013

Australian director Warwick Thornton (Samson & Delilah, The Turning, DOP of The Sapphires) is back with another unique Australian story.

Synopsis: Aboriginal people live on the threshold of two worlds – one of everyday reality and the other of spirits, demons and entities. They can live an ordinary life with dead ancestors and demons all vying for space. Director Warwick Thornton assembles a collection of poignant, sad, funny and absurd ghost tales from across Australia and brings them to life with some of Australia’s most iconic actors as the storytellers. Honest, matter-of-fact firsthand accounts illuminate a black perspective on the other side.

The Aboriginal culture is filled with such rich and interesting stories about the after life, so I’m very interested to see these stories expressed via film.

The Darkside premieres at the upcoming Adelaide Film Festival, before its [staggered] national release from November.

Sep 192013


From 24 October to 8 December, the Hola Mexico Film Festival will travel through Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth with 10 feature films, 6 documentaries and a series of special events marking the opening and closing nights in each city.

The 2013 festival will open with the already announced Nosotros Los Nobles (We are the Nobles), the surprise Mexican comedy blockbuster of the year and #1 box office hit in Mexico cinema’s history.

Other highlights include La Vida Breve Y Precoz De Sabina Rivas (The Precocious And Brief Life Of Sabina Rivas), which was nominated for 11 Ariel Awards – Mexico’s equivalent of the Academy Awards. After Lucia and Post Tenebrax Lux are also huge award winners, with After Lucia winning the Un Certain Regard at Cannes in 2012 and Tenebrax’s Carlos Reygadas awarded Best Director at Cannes, also in 2012.

Festival Dates and Locations
Melbourne – 24 – 29 October – ACMI Cinemas
Perth – 14 – 21 November – Cinema Paradiso
Sydney – 27 November – 4 December – Chauvel Cinemas Paddington
Adelaide – 29 November to 8 December – Mercury Cinema


Tickets are on sale now from

Follow the fest on twitter: @holamexicoau

Sep 182013

Disney revisits the Cars world, but this time the stars are the planes. Dusty Crophopper is a cropduster with big dreams. He wants to compete in a round-the-world race and explore the skies beyond the fields. The problem? Apart from being a cropduster (and not a racer), Dusty has a crippling fear of heights. My review of Planes is after the jump.

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