Jul 292013


I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan McNeil‘s writing on The Matinee and of his podcast, The Matineecast for quite some time. So when Ryan asked me to come on the podcast, I was flattered and quite frankly, a little nervous. Could I hold my own in a film discussion with Ryan? But more importantly, could I properly articulate my admiration for Only God Forgives?

I’d love for you to give Episode 90 of The Matineecast a listen and let me know what you think! We discuss Only God Forgives, The Manchurian Candidate, Drive and you even get to learn a little more about me.

You can find the podcast here and on iTunes.

By Sam McCosh

  One Response to “Podcast: The Matineecast, Episode 90 (Only God Forgives)”

  1. Thanks again for dropping by the show Sam – this turned out wonderfully! I felt a bit guilty for skipping over you when Episode 91 was recorded later that afternoon, but happily now this “missing episode” is there for all to enjoy!

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