Jul 212013

Pacific Rim

After a hiatus in June, film links are back. It’s already July! Can you believe it? For my Northern Hemisphere-dwelling friends, that means Summer Blockbuster season is in full swing. For us in the South, cinema has offered many great chances to escape the cold Winter days. Check up my round-up of great things from the wonderful people on the internet after the jump.

Pacific Rim turned out to be the blockbuster which worked for me. I had zero expectations for this film and thus it delivered massively. This film proved you could have FUN at the movies – not every blockbuster/end of world film needs to be so dark. Two reviews I think nailed it, are this review from Ryan McNeil at The Matinee, and this review from Cam Williams at The Popcorn Junkie. I don’t usually plug my own site in the links post, but I have to give Ben Buckingham a shout out for his incredible analysis of the film in a post titled, ‘Pacific Rim mon Amour‘.

Only God Forgives is being released in cinemas in now and I am eagerly anticipating reactions to the film which divided critics at Cannes, and received much praise (and the official Festival Prize) at Sydney Film Festival. Below is the absolutely gorgeous UK poster for the film. Can one of my English buddies somehow “acquire” one of these for my wall?

Perth in Western Australia recently held the Revelation Perth International Film Festival. The festival has a really interesting mix of films and I enjoyed hearing people’s thoughts on films that I hadn’t heard of before – my ‘must-see’ list is a few titles longer. Gimme the Loot, the winner of best narrative feature at the 2012 SXSW festival is one such title. I recently watched the film and I was blown away by the natural & snappy dialogue. Sarah Ward has reviewed the film at Arts Hub and says (of the two leads), “Their amusing, earnest chats exude not only warmth and wit but the wisdom of reality, just as their performances glow with vividness, vulnerability and validity”. Gimme the Loot is also playing at the upcoming Possible Worlds Film Festival in Sydney.

White Reindeer is another film which played at the Revelation Film Festival and received very positive reviews. Simon Miraudo has reviewed the film at Quickflix, where he says ,”White Reindeer – despite being wickedly funny and sometimes shockingly dark – has that restorative effect on the heart”. Andrew Buckle has also reviewed the film at Graffiti with Punctuation ahead of its screening at Possible Worlds Film Festival, and calls it “a beguiling Christmas film that takes on peculiar odds”. I am officially intrigued!

When I saw Tree of Life at the cinema, I hated it. I walked out thinking that it was little more than a Natural Geographic screensaver. Upon rewatch I actually grew to like the film, but I wouldn’t say that I was a Malick convert. When Simon Di Berardino wrote this passionate 5 Star review at The Last Podcast ShowI was convinced to give his latest film, To the Wonder a chance. I’m so glad he wrote this review, because I really liked the film. Such a beautiful exploration of faith in its many forms. Thank you Simon!

Finally this edition, below is the official teaser for How to Train Your Dragon 2, which is set for a mid-2014 release. This is how you tease a film. It reintroduces us to characters we love, but gives nothing away. I feel like a kid watching it.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the movies!

By Sam McCosh