Monthly Film Round-up: July 2013

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Jul 312013

July is a reasonably quiet month on the film calendar for me. There aren’t any festivals or special film events and I’m quite busy at my day job. This year however there was an unusually high number of decent releases at the cinema. From Only God Forgives, to Before Midnight and Pacific Rim, there was a lot to see. July gave me the wonderful gift of my second 5 star 2013 release. This was particularly exciting, as it was a film I had meant to see in June, but was too ill to make the screening.

Check out my July Film Round-up after the jump.


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KOFFIA 2013 Tickets Now On Sale

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Jul 302013


The Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA) is back on the agenda! The 4th edition of this annual showcase of the best and latest in Korean cinema is about to begin! Presented by the Korean Cultural Office Australia and Samsung, this year’s festival will highlight the talented filmmakers, actors and actresses who make up this exciting industry known as Hallyuwood. It’s time to mark the dates in your diary, select the films you want to see, and prepare to be amazed by The Many Faces of Korean cinema!

The festival will showcase 17 feature films and many short films, in over 50 screenings across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne during August and September. KOFFIA 2013 will open with the heartfelt romance A Werewolf Boy, and will close with Choi Dong-hoon’s heist blockbuster The Thieves (labelled the Korean Ocean’s Eleven).

Other highlights from the festival include, Kim Ki-duk’s Pieta, winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice International Film Festival in 2012; and critically acclaimed indie film Pluto, including a special guest appearance in Sydney from director, Shin Su-won.

Event Dates
Aug 14-18, Event Cinemas, Myer Centre, Brisbane
Aug 21-29, Event Cinemas, George Street, Sydney
Sept 5-11, ACMI Cinemas, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square, Melbourne
You can browse the full programme and buy tickets at:

Podcast: The Matineecast, Episode 90 (Only God Forgives)

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Jul 292013


I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan McNeil‘s writing on The Matinee and of his podcast, The Matineecast for quite some time. So when Ryan asked me to come on the podcast, I was flattered and quite frankly, a little nervous. Could I hold my own in a film discussion with Ryan? But more importantly, could I properly articulate my admiration for Only God Forgives?

I’d love for you to give Episode 90 of The Matineecast a listen and let me know what you think! We discuss Only God Forgives, The Manchurian Candidate, Drive and you even get to learn a little more about me.

You can find the podcast here and on iTunes.

By Sam McCosh

Last Days Here

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Jul 282013


Pentagram rocked. The pioneers of doom metal lead an underground music movement in the 70s, before finally releasing a full-length album in the 80s. Throughout this time the only constant band member was  vocalist Bobby Liebling; but decades of drug use and fighting personal demons left Bobby without the tools to successfully chase his dreams. Fast-forward a few decades the 2000s and Bobby still has the same dreams, but the demons remain. Can he turn things around and do something with his talent? Or have the drugs beaten him for good?

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Behind the Candelabra

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Jul 242013


Entertainment legend Liberace was known as one of the greatest showman in the world. His flair, costumes and over-the-top persona dazzled audiences for decades. While he always denied it, behind the scenes he had many male lovers and partners. One of these men was Scott Thorson. Behind the Candelabra is his Scott’s story (based on his memoir, Behind the Candelabra: My Life With Liberace) about the private side of a very public man.

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The Wolverine

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Jul 232013

The Wolverine

It’s 2009, you’re sitting in a cinema watching X Men Origins: Wolverine and Hugh Jackman (as Wolverine) is CGI fighting a GGI-ed Ryan Reynolds. It’s at this moment that me, you and everyone we know realised we need and deserve a better Wolverine film. So what happens when you hire the director of Girl Interrupted to helm a reboot which focuses more on a character opposed to expensive set pieces? Is there an intelligent film here or just another loud mess? Find out after the jump.

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Jul 222013

Within the first three minutes of Rewind This! you hear that short sharp gasp: a collector spotting a desired object, the surprise and passion all rolled up in a breath. Rewind This! is in large part a documentary dedicated to the passion and nostalgia of collectors, who are themselves collected here to tell stories and remember the “good ol’ days of VHS”. However, they are but small cogs in a larger tale, one that encapsulates a historical shift in culture. VHS was so familiar to many of us that it is taken for granted how much it altered not only the entertainment industry but also how we ingest and create entertainment.

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Film Link Goodness: July 2013 Edition

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Jul 212013

Pacific Rim

After a hiatus in June, film links are back. It’s already July! Can you believe it? For my Northern Hemisphere-dwelling friends, that means Summer Blockbuster season is in full swing. For us in the South, cinema has offered many great chances to escape the cold Winter days. Check up my round-up of great things from the wonderful people on the internet after the jump.

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