The Hangover Part III

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May 222013

the hangover 3

On a worldwide scale The Hangover in 2009 made $467 million dollars, with the first sequel The Hangover Part II in 2011 making $586 million dollars. The Hangover Part III was inevitable.  Is any of the new material funny? Or is it just going through the motions for the money? My review after the jump.

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May 212013


A crime novelist moves his family to a home where the previous family had been murdered. Like horror film has taught us before, this is never a good idea. Thus begins the terror of Sinister, a new horror film from writer-director Scott Derrickson (The Exorcism Of Emily Rose) and starring Ethan Hawke as the writer at the very bowel of human destruction and depravity. Is Sinister just another gory Hollywood cash grab or is it something really special…and scary? My review after the jump.

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10 films to see at the 2013 Sydney Film Festival

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May 192013


The Sydney Film Festival programme can be an intimidating beast. There is an amazing array of films from around the world on offer, and it can be tough knowing where to start. Hopefully this post can be of some assistance.

Chris Elena and I have picked 10 films that we think you might want to consider seeing. We haven’t picked any of the official competition films, because we think it goes without saying that all of those films are worth seeing. They’re playing in competition for a reason after all. We’ve picked films we think look interesting because of the people involved, the topic/story, or the reception they have received overseas.

Check out our 10 picks after the jump.

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The Forgotten: I Heart Huckabees

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May 182013


It’s the year 2004. Oceans Twelve has proven to be disappointing, a slew of questionable Christmas films have flooded the megaplexes and Jude Law is in EVERYTHING. There’s one film however, that may have the greatest title ever invented, stars half of Hollywood (yet not a single actor is typecast or degraded) and it’s one of the smartest comedies to ever be released.

But unlike most films in The Forgotten series, it was seen by a decent amount of people. However, it was simply written off as just another weird indie comedy….that just so happens to star Jude Law

This week it’s David O Russell’s I Heart Huckabees.

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Film Link Goodness: May 2013 Edition

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May 182013


Hello film lovers, and welcome to the May 2013 edition of Film Link Goodness; the first edition in the swanky new looking An Online Universe. Thank you all so very much for your kind words about the redesign. We love it and we hope we’ve created a site which is an enjoyable place to stop by and read a little.

It’s blockbuster season and film festival season, so there is plenty going on at the moment. Check out the goodness after the jump.

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May 172013

snitch 2013 dwayne johnson

When John Matthew’s son is imprisoned after being set up by a friend, John is willing to do absolutely anything to get him out. Anything includes making contact with a dangerous drug cartel in the hope he can snitch on them. It’s his son’s freedom for a drug kingpin’s head. Review of Snitch after the jump.
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An Online Universe has a new look!

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May 162013



So you might have noticed something a little different…that’s right, we’ve got a shiny new design! I really wanted to make the site sleeker  faster and easier to navigate. It’s also now more mobile friendly. For most devices, the site should automatically resize to suit the device that you are viewing it on.

The features menu contains all of non-review posts, like ‘The Best Film Set In…” and coverage of various awards. At An Online Universe we love film festivals! We love them so much they now have their own dedicated drop down menu. Just because the festival isn’t listed in the drop down menu, doesn’t mean we haven’t written something about it. Simply click on ‘festival’ to read all of our posts related to film festivals. The same deal goes for the ‘features’ and ‘reviews’ tabs.

Thanks so much to our designer Kimba McG for the amazing site makeover. You can check out more of Kimba’s work (and maybe hire her for your site redesign) at

Huge thanks also to my good friend Tom Eastman who looks after the “engine room” of the site and keeps everything humming along nicely.

We hope you like the site and we’d love to hear your feedback.

Oh, and by the way. Can you name all 18 films in our film header? They are from films that I absolutely adore.

Thanks for your support and we hope that you continue to enjoy what we do. It’s all for the love of the movies!
By Sam McCosh

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Evil Dead

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May 162013

Evil Dead

Blood, mayhem, tension, fear, addiction and chain saws encompass the new remake of Evil Dead. Written and directed by newcomer Fede Alvarez, and based on the 1981 Sam Raimi original, it has been touted as, “The Most Terrifying Film You’ll Ever See”. Does it stand up to that statement? Find out after the jump.

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