May 162013



So you might have noticed something a little different…that’s right, we’ve got a shiny new design! I really wanted to make the site sleeker  faster and easier to navigate. It’s also now more mobile friendly. For most devices, the site should automatically resize to suit the device that you are viewing it on.

The features menu contains all of non-review posts, like ‘The Best Film Set In…” and coverage of various awards. At An Online Universe we love film festivals! We love them so much they now have their own dedicated drop down menu. Just because the festival isn’t listed in the drop down menu, doesn’t mean we haven’t written something about it. Simply click on ‘festival’ to read all of our posts related to film festivals. The same deal goes for the ‘features’ and ‘reviews’ tabs.

Thanks so much to our designer Kimba McG for the amazing site makeover. You can check out more of Kimba’s work (and maybe hire her for your site redesign) at

Huge thanks also to my good friend Tom Eastman who looks after the “engine room” of the site and keeps everything humming along nicely.

We hope you like the site and we’d love to hear your feedback.

Oh, and by the way. Can you name all 18 films in our film header? They are from films that I absolutely adore.

Thanks for your support and we hope that you continue to enjoy what we do. It’s all for the love of the movies!
By Sam McCosh

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  7 Responses to “An Online Universe has a new look!”

  1. The redesign was a tad jarring because I didn’t expect it. (I noticed it when I left a comment on the Evil Dead review.) But I think it’s the right move. That header area looks slick.

    As for those films:

    I don’t even need to check to say Lost in Translation is there.

    Also spotted:

    Home Alone
    Toy Story
    Holy Motors
    Pulp Fiction
    There Will Be Blood

    The one on the flush right I just can’t see the image itself clearly enough.

    That’s it for now – other have me stumped.

    * Indicates I’m not 100% certain.

  2. Love the redesign! Keep up the good work.

  3. Allow me to be more methodical.
    From left to right:

    1. Holy Motors
    3. ……………………………(this is the one I thought might be Somewhere)
    4. The big Lebowski
    5. Casino Royale
    6. Casablanca
    8. Drive
    9. Wall-E
    10. Home Alone
    11. Shame
    12. Toy Story
    13. ……………………………(is this a Christmas movie?)
    14. Lost in Translation
    15. Pulp Fiction
    17. There Will Be Blood
    18. Totoro

    • 2. A Man Escaped
      3. Before Sunset
      7. C.R.A.Z.Y.
      13. Ikiru
      16. Rashomon

      Well done on getting as many as you did 🙂

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