Apr 252013

Is it just me, or is this trailer off the charts awesome? I’m a huge fan of Sofia Coppola’s films and I cannot wait for this to be released. Emma Watson looks to be channelling the very naughty celebrities from whom her character is stealing from. As always with Coppola’s films, it appears there will be a pulsating electronic soundtrack to really make the film pop.
The Bling Ring does not have a Australia or New Zealand release date at this time. It will play at the Cannes Film Festival before a limited US release on June 14.
By Sam McCosh

  6 Responses to “Trailer: The Bling Ring”

  1. “I want to lead a country one day, for all I know.”

    Great line. Of Sofia Coppola’s films, I’ve only seen Lost in Translation, which I liked. I take it you recommend the others?

  2. Also, where’s your Iron Man 3 review?

  3. Nope, definitely not just you… this movie looks AWESOME!

  4. I wasn’t going to write one. Might do it tonight.

    Just wondered as you put it as your ‘Top Pick’. No pressure.

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