Apr 042013

Warning: this is the NSFW red band trailer and has content that may offend
FINALLY a trailer for Only God Forgives!! This was my most anticipated film for the past 18 months. God this looks gritty and brutal and completely different from the cold metallic smoothness of Drive.

While I am possibly the world’s biggest Ryan Gosling fan, I have to say that it is Kristin Scott Thomas that really intrigues me in this trailer. This is so different from the elegant older lady role she has been doing of late.

How about that Thai music? I have a feeling that the score/soundtrack for this film is going to be something quite special.

There is no release date set for this in Australia yet but I’m hoping like hell that it somehow makes it to either SFF or MIFF.
What do you think?


By Sam McCosh

  One Response to “Trailer: Only God Forgives”

  1. Ohh, I think this movie is gonna seriously rock ass. Everything about it just looks so damn cool. Really can’t wait for this one.

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