Apr 102013

Audi festival of german film

The programme has been launched and tickets are now on sale for the 2013 Audi Festival of German Films. With 45 films and more that 230 screenings, there is sure to be something for everyone. The festival is being held in 8 centres (including Byron Bay and Newcastle!) across Australia in May, with the festival opening on April 30th in Sydney.

The festival is delighted to announce that 5 film makers will be attending as guests in support of their films. Guests include Marten Persail (director of documentary This Ain’t California) and Georg Mass (writer/director of Two Lives).

For information about the films showing, screening times and the fantastic guests, please visit the Festival website at:

To book tickets visit:

Festival dates and venues are as follows:

SYDNEY: 30 April – 14 May Chauvel Cinema, Palace Verona
MELBOURNE: 1 – 15 May Palace Cinema Como, Kino Cinemas
BRISBANE: 3 – 9 May Palace Centro
NEWCASTLE 4 – 5 May Tower Cinemas
CANBERRA: 7 – 12 May Palace Electric Cinema
ADELAIDE: 8 – 13 May Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas
PERTH: 9 – 13 May Cinema Paradiso
BYRON BAY: 10 – 12 May Palace Byron Bay

  5 Responses to “2013 Audi Festival of German Films Line-up Announced”

  1. I loved This Ain’t California. LOVED IT!!! But now that I know that most of it was fabricated, I don’t know what to think. I’d have a few questions for Marten Persail if I weren’t probably going to be in Germany. I’ll have to check my schedule.

    • Oh really? I was quite excited about this one. When you say fabricated do you mean it omitted details (like Searching for Sugar Man) or were things completely made-up that never happened?

  2. I know. But do check it out. I’d def see it again but I reckon it’ll impact my enjoyment. I imagine it’d be somewhat like finding out Rodriguez was actually made up in Searching for Sugar Man

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