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February saw a return to the cinema for screenings, with 10 cinema trips over the 28 days in February. It’s a very busy month for me outside of films, so I’m reasonably happy I managed 25 films over the month. Check out my round-up of my February viewing after the jump.

Screenings refers to anything I have seen at the cinema/on the big screen.

New at home encompasses new-to-me, first-time viewings on DVD/Blu-ray/VOD/Screeners

Rewatches things I’ve seen before

Best viewing: my favourite viewing in each of the categories listed above

Apart from the ‘Best Viewing’, films are listed in the order they were viewed in.



Best viewing: West of Memphis

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters
I Give It a Year
Movie 43
In the House
A Liar’s Autobiography: The Untrue Story of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman
Beautiful Creatures
Cloud Atlas
Side Effects
Oz: The Great and Powerful


New at Home

Best viewing: La Jetée

Three Colours: Blue
Three Colours: White
FEU par Christian Louboutin
Three Colours: Red
Sixteen Candles
The Breakfast Club
The Last of the Mohicans



Best viewing: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Hotel Chevalier
The Darjeeling Limited
The Proposal
Marie Antoinette
Broken Flowers


West of Memphis and Cloud Atlas were highlights at the cinema in February. I had been looking forward to West of Memphis for quite some time and it didn’t disappoint. Cloud Atlas absolutely blew me away – I was quite apprehensive going into the film, but I needn’t have been. A little patience is all that was needed for an engaging and thoroughly  entertaining cinema experience.

At home I finally watched the Three Colours Trilogy which I enjoyed. Unlike most people my favourite was White. I found the story to be the most entertaining and complete, and I felt real empathy for the lead. The score and photography was strong in all three films.

I also caught a few films I had been meaning to watch for some time – Michael Mann’s The Last of the Mohicans and Heat; and the classic John Hughes coming-of-age film The Breakfast Club.

Film goals for March: Rewatches on Blu-ray of some of my favourite 2012 films such as: Argo, The Master, Skyfall and Holy Motors.


2013 totals
Screenings: 17
New at Home: 15
Rewatches: 12

Total: 44

By Sam McCosh

  2 Responses to “Monthly Film Round-up: February 2013”

  1. Oohhh, La Jetée is incredible. I saw it in my Intro to Cinema class and was just blown away, I’d love to own it! I’ve heard so many great reviews of Cloud Atlas as well. I even listened to one on the radio today – I have passes to the Directors Suite cinema at Hoyts, and I’m considering using them to see Cloud Atlas, heh heh.

    • CLOUD ATLAS is a very worthy use of passes. Also comfy seats are good – it is a tad on the long side (but not in a bad way)