Mar 052013


Apologies for the lack of link love last month. February is the busiest month of the year at my non-film job, and the month just got away from me. Well the Oscars have been and gone, and 2013 films are starting to show up in the cinemas. After the jump check out the March edition of Film Link Goodness.

Australian website Graffiti With Punctuation has launched their very own podcast. It contains great insight & wit, and more than a few profanities. You can learn more and subscribe to Pod Save Our Screen here.

Cloud Atlas has finally been released in Australia, where it has received a mostly positive reaction. There is something about dense and multi-layered films which inspires good writing. Dwayne Lennox‘s review & Cam William‘s review are two of the best that I’ve read.

The Australian Film Critic’s Association announced it’s 2013 writing awards, giving the best    individual review of a non Australian Film to Laurence Barber’s astounding review of The Perks of Being A WallFlower. Reading this review just bought all the feelings I had while watching the film flooding back (and there were many). It’s a very personal and heartfelt review. Congratulations again Laurence for the award win!

West of Memphis is a film that Andrew Buckle and I had been eagerly anticipating since it played at Sundance in 2012. After seeing the Paradise Lost Trilogy and reading Damien Echol’s book, it’s hard not to feel a personal involvement in the case. The film was well worth the wait, and acts as a great companion piece to the trilogy. Andrew has written a rather fantastic opinion piece on the film (and case in general). A must read for anyone with an interest in the case or in justice.

Following on from the Academy Awards, Alex Withrow has written a great article about 10 Careers Launched by Oscar Winning Shorts. I honestly had no idea about most of these!

Film fans who live in North America are lucky to be able to see Stoker, the much-anticipated first English language film from maverick Korean director Park Chan Wook. Ryan McNeil in Toronto has seen the film and by his account, it’s a goodie. Australian film fans will have to wait until August to see the film, unless it gets a festival run earlier.

I thought this post by Andrew Robinson was great fun – Five Favourite Scenes with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. His role choices aren’t always fantastic, but this post reminded me that he has done some pretty fantastic stuff.
Finally this month, I was surprised and delighted that my application for membership to the Australian Film Critics Association was accepted. I’m happy to become a member of an organisation with such talented members.

That’s all for March. Happy film watching all!

By Sam McCosh