Feb 062013

sixteen candles

Today is New Zealand’s national holiday, Waitangi Day. It also marks one year since the launch of this website.

I’ve learned a lot in the past year about not only films but the blogging landscape, writing and all the fun stuff that comes with it.

Thanks to everyone who has stopped by the site, shared any of our articles, or given us advice, support or encouragement.

You all rock and I am so grateful for each and every one of you.

Here’s to another year and to constantly improving and growing.


By Sam McCosh

 Posted by at 09:22

  6 Responses to “Happy Birthday to us! An Online Universe is One”

  1. YOU ROCK. I love your site and all of the content you and your contributors put up. Keep up the great work!

  2. Congrats on your First anniversary Sam !! It is an awesome feeling. Here is to many more to come!! 🙂

  3. Awww, you started the blog on Waitangi Day, awesome! Many congrats!

    • I did. I thought I’d always remember it that way. Also lots of my friends would be at home (and online) to flood the site with traffic on launch day 🙂 Thanks Stevee

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