Jan 232013

the guilt trip

Yentl (Barbra Streisand) and the stoner from Knocked Up (Seth Rogen) star as mother and son who decide to go on a road trip and get on each other’s nerves for 90 minutes. Predictable? Heartwarming? A comedy for the ages set in a Prius where one sings with passion while the other laughs like the village idiot and criticizes everything? My review after the jump.

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Jan 192013


Jamie Foxx plays a slave who is freed by an Austrian bounty hunter which eventuates in the two rescuing his wife from a despicable plantation owner. Oh and it’s directed by Quentin Tarantino so many many MANY people die in bloody and horrific ways. Did I also forget to mention Leonardo Dicaprio plays a villain, Christoph Waltz gives his best performance yet and Samuel L Jackson is funnier than ever? My review after the jump.

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Jan 162013


For this week’s The Forgotten, I thought it might be finally time to remember 1999 and how great a year it was for movies….and then remember that one that got away.

It’s 1999 and Martin Scorsese has directed Nicholas Cage in one of his greatest on-screen performances, which was seen by practically no one.

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Jan 152013

Oscar statue

Awards awards, they feel like they are coming out of my ears. While I honestly love awards  season, I’ve found it impossible to keep up with the deluge this week. Partly it’s due to not having the internet at home right now, but largely it’s due to the sheer number of awards or nominations that have been announced. Is it too much? Hmm…After the jump check out my brief thoughts on the Oscar nominations and the Golden Globe awards.

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Jan 092013

bafta logo

The 65th EE British Academy Film Awards nominations have been announced in London, with the Steven Spielberg directed film Lincoln leading the pack with 10 nominations – although Spielberg himself was not nominated in the directing category.

Les Miserables and Life of Pi both picked up 9 nominations, with Les Miserables being the only film to garner a Best Film and a Best British Film nomination.

Only Argo, Life of Pi and Zero Dark Thirty gained both best film and best director nominations, with directing nominations also going to Quentin Tarantino for Django Unchained and Michael Haneke for Amour.

Amour also received a nomination for screenplay, and in the very strong ‘Film Not in the English Language’ category, along with fantastic dark comedy Headhunters and the emotional Rust & Bone.

I was very pleased to see The Imposter receive a documentary nomination, along with nominations for Bart Layton (director) and Domintri Doganis (producer) in the ‘Outstanding debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer’ category.

The awards will be announced at a ceremony hosted by Stephen Fry on February 10. Full list of nominations are after the jump.

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