Jan 302013

complianceA belated Happy New Year film-lovers! Apologies for the lateness of this links post, but between moving house and work I have been swamped. This links post may be a little bit sporadic while I’m so busy, but I will attempt to get at least one up each month.

With the Academy Awards fast approaching, a large number of nominated films are being released or having their releases expanded and this is helping contribute to the large volume of great writing out there at the moment. I’m happy to shine the light on some of it after the jump.

king of kong

Cam Williams reviews the unsettling Compliance which is currently showing in very limited release in Australia. This review made me want to seek the film out.

Andy Buckle gives 5 reasons why The King of Kong is such an entertaining and compelling documentary. This is currently my favourite documentary of all time and I think Andy has done it justice with this post.

Ryan McNeil has started his 2013 Blind Spot series off with my favourite Japanese film Ikiru. This is going to be a hard film to follow up next month. (Fantastic write-up Ryan!)

Alex Withrow lists the top actors-turned-directors. This was a fun list to read, and there was one on there I didn’t even know had been an actor.

New film site Movie Mezzanine is well and truly up-and-running, with quality content being added to the site daily. Be sure to check out Sam Fragoso’s fantastic round-up of the Sundance Film Festival.

LAMB members should remember to vote in the 6th Annual Lion For Lambs awards. Make sure your 2012 favourites are recognised. Voting closes February 9th.

Alex Thomas has finally revealed his top 5 films of 2012, and despite the two of us often disagreeing, I have to say this list is pretty great (especially #3!). Be sure to also check out numbers 6-50.

Finally, the Coen Brothers have a new film coming out this year and it now has a trailer! Huzzah! Check out the trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis below.



By Sam McCosh