Jan 012013

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So after seeing a grand total of 131 movies in cinemas, it’s that time where I recount all the first time viewings I experienced this year. Films that were not released in 2012 but in any year previous that I had yet to see. It includes some classics, some odd choices and some titles you may not have known even existed. It’s ok, neither did I.

So without further adieu, check them out after the jump.


Taste of Cherry (1997)
Taste of Cherry (1997)
A quiet Iranian man driving his truck. That’s all you’re getting as that’s all I knew. What begins as a brooding road movie soon turns into an emotionally involving character odyssey. The destination is merely the tip of the iceberg.


Do the right thing

Do The Right Thing (1989)
What’s considered as Spike Lee’s masterpiece and i can’t help but agree starts as an observation piece on a small community soon escalates into a human drama focusing on racial and social ties that make and break a beloved community. Also contains some of the greatest opening credits of all time.



Tea And Sympathy (1956)
A quiet yet affecting story of a young man and his struggle as one who appreciates a good book rather than a game of rugby yet those are the least of his worries as he has a run in with love… To an older yet passionate woman who understands and embraces him for who he is. Sheer magic.


I Saw The Devil

I Saw The Devil (2010)
One of the most brutal, relentless and greatest revenge drama’s I’ve ever seen. Purely for the fact that amidst its gratuitous and horrific violence, it always acknowledges itself as a drama and emphasizes the true worth of revenge. Don’t miss this, seriously.


the hunting party

The Hunting Party (2007)
It stars Richard Gere, Terrance Howard and Jesse Eisenberg who star as foul-mouthed Americans who go on the hunt to find Bosnia’s most wanted criminal. It’s witty, funny, ridiculous and no one saw it! Do what I did and go out of your way to catch it. Never will you see either of those actors this good.

And the best of the lot…….


Clockers (1995)
Yes, Do The Right Thing is Spike Lee’s masterpiece but it’s his adaptation of Clockers that really hit me hard. An emotion heavy piece of storytelling that’s equal parts intriguing, funny, unpredictable and heartbreaking. It won’t seem like much at first but in the end. This is imperative viewing. Criminally underrated.


Although there are many you may not have heard of and don’t include almost anything from the IMDB Top 250. These are the movies that SHOULD be seen but first, recognised. There’s something in each of these picks and they made film viewing in 2012 all the more monumental.

By Chris Elena