Jan 152013

Oscar statue

Awards awards, they feel like they are coming out of my ears. While I honestly love awards  season, I’ve found it impossible to keep up with the deluge this week. Partly it’s due to not having the internet at home right now, but largely it’s due to the sheer number of awards or nominations that have been announced. Is it too much? Hmm…After the jump check out my brief thoughts on the Oscar nominations and the Golden Globe awards.


Oscar Nominations

The Hits

  • Amour: When did a foreign film last get this much recognition? The film picked up a surprise Best Director nomination for Michael Haneke; a leading actress nomination for Emmanuelle Riva; as well as nominations for original screenplay, foreign film and best motion picture. This film is devastating and the performance from Riva is nothing short of incredible.
  • The Master: While the film missed out on many awards it was arguably worthy of, the film’s three stars (Adams, Phoenix, Hoffman) all picked up acting nominations. Phoenix was somewhat of a surprise, as he missed out on the SAG nomination and isn’t the most popular figure in Hollywood.
  • Django Unchained: Having just seen the film yesterday I am fully behind Waltz’s supporting actor nomination (although he is a co-lead and not a supporting character). The screenplay is outstanding, and of the nominees for best original screenplay which I have seen, I would rank this tops.
  • Searching for Sugar Man I loved this documentary. It’s a fantastic story told in a creative and engaging way.
  • Skyfall: The cinematography was stunning in this film and it’s only right that Roger Deakins picked up a nomination for his masterful work.


The Surprises

  • Beasts of the Southern Wild: This film is pretty fantastic, but even fans of the film would have been surprised at the best director and leading actress nominations.
  • Zero Dark Thirty I haven’t seen the film so I can’t offer much of an opinion, but Hollywood seemed very annoyed at director Kathryn Bigelow missing out on a directing nomination.
  • Flight Another film I’m yet to see, but I was surprised the film received a best original screenplay nomination. I had heard a lot of buzz around Washington’s performance, but I hadn’t heard many praise the screenplay specifically.

You can view the complete list of nominations here.

Golden Globes Awards

These awards are fun, but they lack credibility and shouldn’t really be seen as anything other than light entertainment. The girly girl inside me likes looking at the dresses; while my inner film nerd enjoys seeing awards go to people who are unlikely or will definitely receive any Oscar recognition. For me the highlight of the event was Helen Mirren’s dress. Ladies, this is how you age with class and grace.

Helen Mirren

A full list of the Golden Globe winners can be viewed here.

By Sam McCosh