Jan 092013

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The five directors and directorial teams nominated for the DGA Award have been announced. Ben Affleck picks up his first nomination for Argo; while Steven Spielberg received his 11th (!!) feature film directing nomination for Lincoln. With only five nominations available, there was always going to be some incredible directors who didn’t quite make the cut. Paul Thomas Anderson (The Master), Quentin Tarantino (DJango Unchained) and David O. Russel (Silver Linings Playbook) didn’t receive nominations.

Are the 5 below our Oscar nominees? Quite possibly -the DGA has a good track record of mirroring the Oscar nominations. The DGA Awards will be announced on February 2nd.


Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager:  Amy Herman
First Assistant Director:  David Webb
Second Assistant Director:  Ian Calip
Second Second Assistant Directors: Clark Credle, Gavin Kleintop
First Assistant Director (Turkey Unit): Belkis Turan

Zero Dark Thirty
Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager:  Colin Wilson
First Assistant Director:  David A. Ticotin
Second Assistant Directors:  Ben Lanning, Sarah Hood
First Assistant Director (Jordan Unit): Scott Robertson
Second Assistant Directors (Jordan Unit): Jonas Spaccarotelli, Yanal Kassay
Second Second Assistant Director (Jordan Unit): Tarek Afifi
Unit Production Manager (India Unit): Rajeev Mehra

Les Misérables
Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager:  Patrick Schweitzer
First Assistant Director:  Ben Howarth
Second Assistant Director:  Harriet Worth
Second Second Assistant Director: Dan Channing Williams

Life of Pi
Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager:  Michael J. Malone
Unit Production Manager (Taiwan): Leo Chen
First Assistant Directors:  William M. Connor, Cliff Lanning
Second Assistant Directors:  Robert Burgess, Ben Lanning
Unit Production Manager (India Unit): Sanjay Kumar
First Assistant Director (India Unit): Nitya Mehra
Second Assistant Director (India Unit): Ananya Rane
Second Second Assistant Directors (India Unit): Namra Parikh, Freya Parekh
Second Assistant Directors (Montreal Unit): Derek Wimble, Renato De Cotiis

Directorial Team:
Unit Production Manager:  Susan McNamara
First Assistant Director:  Adam Somner
Second Assistant Director:  Ian Stone
Second Second Assistant Directors: Eric Lasko, Trevor Tavares