Dec 182012


Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Warm non-denominational, all-inclusive greetings to all of you. With the end of year (and perhaps the end of the world) nigh, there are heaps of fantastic 2012 round-up posts popping up daily for our reading pleasure. Those along with reviews of some of the year’s biggest films and more make up this holiday edition of Film Link Goodness.

Posters are an important in not only advertising a film’s existence but also for giving an impression or idea about the film itself. I’m big on DVD/Blu covers, but don’t often pay a lot of attention to posters.

Two great writers have posted great 2012 round-ups of film posters. Steeve Taylor has explored the poster trends of 2012; while Glenn Dunks has ranked the 50 best posters of 2012. Be sure to check back in to see his picks for the 50 worst.

Andrew Buckle has started his annual end of year round-up over at The Film Emporium with his picks for the 10 best male and female performances in 2012. Love his picks for the top 2 male performances.


Les Misérables is set to be a big film talking point over the Christmas break. Out of all the films coming out in the next few weeks, this is the one that most people have been asking me about.

Mat Whitehead has reviewed it here in his usually witty and amusing fashion. He says of its length:

…the storyline is hellishly dense. With a 157-minute duration, this isn’t the kind of film you can casually sit down to watch in-between Christmas brunch and Christmas second brunch


Also out on Boxing Day in Australia is animated feature Wreck-it Ralph. I’ve seen the film and have to say I wasn’t a fan. Over at Graffiti with Punctuation Blake Howard has reviewed the film, and had a lot more fun with it than I did. Be sure to also check out his very funny video interview with stars John C. Reilly and Sarah Silverman.


Sometimes I get filmed-out. By that I mean I just need to take a break. There are only so many films you can watch in a certain period before it becomes a chore and not a pleasure.

At The Matinee Ryan McNeil has written a great post titled, Love and Addiction: How Many Movies are Too Many? Food for thought indeeed. The comments below the piece make for very interesting reading.

Film is art, and as such it is subjective. That is what makes it so wonderful! It’s not possible to like everything, and sometimes it’s hard to explain why. It can be really baffling when you don’t like a film that everyone else seems to love. Alex Thomas has listed 10 films loved by others, but not by him

Finally, Ang Lee’s Life of Pi hits cinemas here on New Year’s Day and I’m happy to say that is worth the wait. I struggled with the book, but the film completely engaged and wowed me. Plus, the 3D is actually good. [Check out Chris’s review here]. Over at Quickflix, Simon Miraudo has reviewed the film and says of the visuals:

With the help of DP Claudio Miranda, Lee constructs an impressionistic canvas that feels like our collective imagination projected on a screen


That’s all for Film Link Goodness this year. I just want to take the chance to thank all of you for dropping by this little site – it’s hard to think that the site has only been around since February. Thank you for reading and thank you for inspiring me to write and to constantly improve myself. On behalf of Chris and myself, I wish you all happy holidays and a prosperous new year!

See you in 2013 (assuming the world doesn’t end on Friday…)

By Sam McCosh