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Here are my [Sam McCosh’s] picks for the best films in 2012. I have created two lists – one is the top 20 cinema releases, which is strictly made up of films which received a cinema release in Australia in 2012. The second list I have called ‘The Best of the Rest’ – this is  a list of 10 films which didn’t receive a 2012 Aus cinema release but I saw in 2012. These include festival films, direct-to-dvd titles and 2013 Aus cinema releases that I have already seen.

I have refrained from writing about the films, instead just choosing to publish a list of films. Most of the films I have reviewed already, and all of them I have tweeted or talked about at length. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me bleat on about them.

In March 2013 I will post my definitive Best of 2012 list – this gives me a chance to see some of the big 2012 films which have not been released in Aus yet (for example, Zero Dark Thirty and Django Unchained). It is likely that this list will be a mash up of the two lists you’ll find on the next page, plus some 2012 releases that haven’t had an Aus cinema release yet.

Check out my picks after the jump!


Top 20 2012 Australian Cinema Releases

To qualify for this list, the film must have been released in Australian cinemas in 2012.


20. Searching for Sugar Man

19. The Dark Knight Rises

18. Robot & Frank

17. Killing Them Softly

16. Carnage


15. Margaret

14. Looper

13. From Up On Poppy Hill

12.  The Raid

11. Café de Flore

a separation

10. A Separation

9. Weekend

8. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

7. Monsieur Lazhar

6. The Master


5. This Must Be The Place



4. Argo



3. Tinker Tailor Solider Spy



2. Holy Motors



1. Shame


The 10 Best of the Rest


10. Goon

9. Like Someone In Love

8. Smashed

7. The Hunt

6. Indie Game: The Movie


5. Caesar Must Die



4. Wrinkles



3. Amour



2. Undefeated


The Imposter 2

1. The Imposter


Wow what a year. So many amazing films didn’t make these lists and I know there are still great 2012 films to be released here in 2013. Thanks for reading not only this list but anything else I have posted this year.

Let me know what you think!