Dec 202012


Here are my [Chris Elena’s] picks for the best films of 2012. Instead of two lists, separating best cinema releases of the year and upcoming releases/festival flicks, I’ve decided to make it just as the one definitive list. It will include some films only shown in film festivals of this year but were still made accessible to audiences this year. The only condition I stick with is all the films included on the list HAD to be released after the first week in January to the end of December in 2012, so you’ll notice some films that were released in the U.S or other countries last year but we only got them this year.

It will merely be a list of the 20 best films I saw this year rather than writing a paragraph for each (much like Sam’s wonderful list). The reason for this being, the movies I truly loved, I reviewed and the ones I didn’t review are the few that should be seen without any prior explanation or description to it so your own opinion can be formed. Films like Django Unchained, This is 40 and other January picks will be saved for next year’s lists, but of course i’ll be reviewing them as soon as I can! It’s annoying more than anything to have to wait for releases that other countries get quite early so I only list and rate those that everyone had a chance to see this year.

Oh and as one known as ‘The Contrarian’ to popular opinions and such, I hope this list provides a surprise or two when you get a chance to glance at it. Whether that surprise is a nice one…or not.

So, without further adieu, my picks are after the jump.


20. Frankenweenie

19. Margaret

18. Young Adult

17. A Separation

16. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy


15. Cosmopolis

14. Killer Joe

13. Shame

12. This Must Be The Place

11. Robot And Frank


10. Weekend

9. Polisse

8. The Artist

7. Argo

6. Alps


5. Seeking a Friend For The End Of The World


Hugo 2

4. Hugo



3. The Grey



2. Holy Motors



1. The Master


And as the reason to why this made it as my absolute best movie of the year by FAR, My further thoughts and opinion can be found here

So, those are my picks, what did you think? (Did you pick The Master? I’m sure that surprised many). Anything you agree or REALLY disagree with? Comment away and let us at An Online Universe know what your favourite movie of 2012 was, even if it was a re-watch on DVD. But what a hell of a year! Here’s hoping for the same caliber of great films for 2013, I hear we’re getting a new chipmunks sequel.

By Chris Elena