Dec 122012

robot and frank

With so many films coming out at any one time, it’s no wonder that some just get lost. They either had tiny releases or for what ever reason people just didn’t see them. Here are six gems which we think were criminally under-seen and underrated. Make an effort to catch up with these on DVD/Blu when you can.


Bernie (Richard Linklater)


The thing about Bernie is, many people weren’t willing to give it a chance because of their preconceived notions about leading man Jack Black. It’s true that Black is known for his oddball and slight comedies, but Bernie is something completely different. It’s an engaging & amusing character-driven dark comedy that is quite easily one of the funniest films this year. [Sam – Review]


Headhunters (Morten Tyldum)


Another dark comedy that enough people didn’t see is the outrageous and ridiculously funny Headhunters from Norway. While the premise of an art robbery going wrong seems sedate enough, this film twists and turns in ways you will just not believe. It’s out on DVD at a really decent price and is worth the blind-buy. [Sam – Review]


Polisse (Maïwenn)


A film no one saw but deserves all the accolades it can get. A French multi-layered character study that’s as complex and tense as drama’s get. Don’t let the themes of the film turn you off though and it contains one of the best dance sequences of any film in quite a while. It’s out on DVD soon, it’s worth your time. [Chris]


Robot & Frank (Jake Schreier)

robot and frank2

With nasty, mean spirited pieces of work such as Safe and That’s My Boy infesting cinemas, a film like Robot & Frank, a sweet drama with a good heart and a great script should have been consumed by audiences, but instead was merely forgotten. Frank and his relationship with the robot is truly awe-inspiring. It may still be showing in some cinemas, if so see it right away! [Chris – Review]


Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (Lorene Scafaria)

seeking a friend

Buried by its distributor so it literally was seen by no one, okay maybe 1 or 2 people, this is a romantic drama that gets it right. Advertised as a rom-com, this brave, sweet and inventive film stars Steve Carell and Keira Knightley, and it gets all the rom-com elements right. The film isn’t also isn’t afraid to show real characters in dark & ugly situations. A true ode to humanity, for better or worse. [Chris]


Your Sister’s Sister (Lynne Shelton)


One of the most heart-felt and relatable relationship dramas this year, Your Sister’s Sister is a very sweet film featuring excellent performances from Dewitt, Duplass and Blunt (who worked on the small-budget film for only $100 per day). This film is far more than a rom-com or an indie relationship drama. It’s an amusing, moving, and somehow very natural feeling film about relationships between friends, lovers, siblings…well just people really. [Sam – Review]


Honourable Mentions

Chris: Alps, Cosmopolis, The Grey, This Must Be the Place

Sam: Cafe de Flore, Celeste & Jesse Forever, Lore, Undefeated, Wish You Were Here