Dec 152012


As I have mentioned time and time again, music is such important part of films for me. Every film I truly love has an amazing score or soundtrack which completes it. 2012 has been a fantastic year for soundtracks, and picking only 6 was tough. Check my picks out after the jump.


6. The Intouchables 


This movie is responsible for bringing the amazing Earth, Wind & Fire back into my life. I’m not sure which scene was more awesome – the opening credits while ‘September’ played, or the charismatic Omar Sy doing his thing to ‘Boogie Wonderland’. Simply wonderful.


5. Magic Mike


Strippers need music to dance and strip too, and Magic Mike delivered with a fantastic soundtrack which is an energising and uplifting listen. From the not-so-subtle ‘Pony’ by Ginuwine, to the sweet ‘Just For Now’ by Cloud Control which played when the arrived at their beach party – Magic Mike had a perfect song for every scene. ‘It Feels Like The First Time’…*snicker*.


4. Searching For Sugar Man


I’d only heard a few of Rodriguez‘s songs before seeing this film and I knew nothing of his amazing story. Learning about this incredible talent while listening to his music – that’s about as perfect of a music-film experience as you can have. A beautiful film which matched the soulful music and man it was about. The soundtrack is on constant rotation at my house now.


3. The Perks of Being a Wallflower


What can I say about this soundtrack? It is pretty much perfect. Music is so important to the characters, and in turn it is equally important for creating special moments throughout the film. If you can watch the scene when ‘Come on Eileen’ by Dexys Midnight Runners play and not feel a thing, then I think you might be dead inside.


2. This Must Be The Place


When a legend like David Byrne actually appears and performs in a film, you know you are experiencing something quite special. In this film about an aging former rock star on a mission across America, must places a very important part. I loved hearing the various versions of This Must Be The Place’ by The Talking Heads performed by different artists. And who can forget the scene with the small child singing with Sean Penn? So damn beautiful.


1. Café de Flore

cafe de flore

This film and how it explored the power that music has on our lives, our relationships and our memories almost broke me. The use of ‘Café de Flore’ in weaving and connecting the two story-lines was nothing short of genius. I loved the DJ, Antoine’s relationship with music, and related with his character so much. This film made me fall in love with ‘Breathe In The Air’ by Pink Floyd all over again.


Honourable mentions: The Raid, Wish You Were Here, Celeste & Jesse Forever, The Avengers, Killing Them Softly