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Have you ever been to a film that you didn’t enjoy, only to turn to your friend at the end who is sitting there with a big grin and totally loved it? You wonder, ‘did we see the same film’? It is true that you can’t love everything, but the 3 films we each picked were almost universally loved and acclaimed. We don’t want to call them overrated (that’s a dirty word )…..let’s just say we missed the bus on these and don’t get the love.  See our picks after the jump.




I know Chris loved this film, but I was seriously disappointed. The premise was fantastic but the execution was poor – I didn’t for one moment believe that people would pay for and use the service that the group in this film was offering. When this film won the Sydney Film Festival prize I was speechless. It’s not a bad film, but it’s not a masterpiece either. If you want to see something good of this vein, I recommend the far superior Dogtooth. [Sam]


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel


Now here’s a film I didn’t even admire. Cliché after cliché, from a romance between two young adults being hijacked by unsupportive relatives, to almost every single character in the film being one-dimensional. Audiences LOVED this film and found it life affirming and fulfilling. I’m glad they did. I, however, still feel like I’m watching it… and I saw it in March. [Chris]


Moonrise Kingdom


In my opinion this is by far the most overrated film of 2012, even though there was a lot I admired, we’ve seen all of these traits [done better] in just about every other Wes Anderson film. The constant attempts at being quirky, whimsical and stylish took its toll on the story, which resulted in dull and laboured adult characters. Critics and audiences alike jumped on the Moonrise bandwagon; and I really do envy missing what everyone else saw and loved. [Chris]


Pitch Perfect


Audience and critics had the time of their life with this one and I can kind of see why. But when you’re hating every second in this 112 minute glee fest, you can’t help but think “How? Why?” We’ve seen this film before, many, many times with far less douchebags and vomit jokes. I tried to laugh, I really did. Now, could you please tell me what was so damn funny? [Chris]


Safety Not Guaranteed 


The indie darling of the year that had people falling over themselves to say how sweet, genuine and refreshing it was. Say what? While I enjoyed aspects of this film, I really don’t get the admiration for it. The central story-line was great, but this was often abandoned to one-dimensional and/or nasty supporting characters and their stories which added zero to the film. I’ll just row back out to my lonely island of discontent then shall I? [Sam]




This film should have been titled A Beautiful Woman Carries a Tray for 2 hours while a Lovely Slide show of Indian Vistas Plays. I am not even kidding – this film has some poignant moments but it moves on from them so quickly that they lose their emotional punch. India is gorgeous, but instead of letting us soak that up, the film is edited by someone with the attention span of a goldfish – there are more cuts in this film that in a chef’s favourite cutting board. For me, Trishna contained a beautiful story which was utterly wasted. [Sam]


Okay folks, tell us why we’re wrong and why we need to give these another chance. Which films have you missed the bus on this year?

  8 Responses to “6 2012 films loved by many, but not by us…”

  1. Interesting list Sam!

    Moonrise + Pitch are both in my top 5 of the year, loved them so much. They both make me happy is the main reason, but if they didn’t do it for you the first time I don’t think another watch will make a difference.

    I didn’t realise people liked Alps as a whole, I didn’t enjoy it either. Marigold Hotel my mum loved, I couldn’t understand it at all.

    I like the idea of this list as mine would definitely get people talking haha 🙂

  2. I grew to like Moonrise on a 2nd watch,but i dont love it and I get where Chris is coming from.
    Id love to read your list! Do it Alex

  3. i haven’t seen Trishna, but i didn’t like the rest of these either! totally agree!

  4. Thanks Candice! I can’t recommend you checking out Trishna.

  5. Haha, will whip one up for a post this week!

  6. I haven’t seen Pitch Perfect, but I’m totally with you on the rest (especially Moonrise).

  7. Weird, Moonrise is the first Wes Anderson film that I loved. I’ve never been a huge fan, but he finally won me over. Partly it was finally seeing one of his films on the big screen, where the mise en scene really shone – there were so many scenes that were just gorgeous to look at and I wished I had a pause button.