Nov 022012


Recently, Chris Elena  met and interviewed the cast of Housos Vs. Authority, which consisted of the film’s writer, director, producer and star, Paul Fenech (best known for the television series Housos, Swift and Shift Couriers and most notably Fat Pizza) and the two leads, Elle Dawes (Shazza) and Jason Davies (Dazza). To read his interview and for a chance to win tickets to see the film (it’s easy as), hit the jump!

Sitting in a board room in an office building in Sydney, the first question I dare to ask with all three dressed up as their “respectable” characters, thongs and all is about money…

Chris: So, Paul, what was the budget for Housos Vs. Authority?

Paul: “Around 1 million dollars”

Chris: But what was it that made you want to make a Housos movie only after airing one season of the television series? Whereas Swift and Shift was only given two series and a film was made of the Pizza TV series after at least two or three seasons had aired.

Paul: well, after the first series had aired, the fans wanted more and SBS weren’t sure if they wanted to renew for a second season so I said fuck that! And within 5 weeks we were shooting. So many directors spend 2 – 3 years trying to make a movie, I got right in there, the fans were waiting!

The rest of the interview served more like a conversation between three gifted forces of comedy and this Interviewer who was more than a fan of their work.  Elle: I grew up in the Blue Mountains

Paul: You grew up in Penrith, don’t lie!

Ellie: well, the nicer side at least, so I’ve always seen Shazza, whether it be walking in the area I grew up in or just in general, so playing her wasn’t as much of a challenge as you’d think.

Jason: I didn’t have to go through any real transformation or transition from TV presenter to actor, there’s very few differences and I’m still acting when presenting…. I actually worked with Paul when I was a TV presenter, he was the young, hot-shot director who always wanted that extra take, even after 40 “okay, let’s do one more”, so it’s always great working with Paul, even when we were doing Fat Pizza (movie and series).

Paul then went on to explain how he uses the same cast for every thing he does, they know how he directs and How he works along with what is needed in any scene, especially one that has a joked timed to precision.

The series came under fire when it first aired due to its “negative” portrayal of people living in Housing commission especially in the portrayal of residents of Mt Druitt.

Paul: We barely shot anything in Mt Druitt!

All three of them were fun, funny and energetic much like the film, it does everything in is power to make you laugh and with no pretentious whatsoever, they succeed. This is the kind of fun Australian film that should be embraced, one that goes all out and crazy to entertain us. Housos Vs. Authority opened on the 1st of November and is now showing.



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