Nov 292012


The end of the year is almost here, which for those of us in Aus/NZ means playing catch up with the US and getting a chance to see some of the big 2012 films. There are plenty of great films currently out or on their way, and that is giving everyone lots to talk about.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower opened today in Australia, and I was so pleased to see that many of my friends and fellow critics liked it as much as I did. This review by Dwayne Lennox is quite possibly my favourite of them all.

I was happy to see that Mary Elizabeth Winstead received an Independent Spirit Award nomination for her fantastic role in Smashed. Alex Withrow has reviewed the film, and says of Winstead’s performance:

…the star is indeed Winstead, who fearlessly asserts herself as a tiny powerhouse. I’ve seen Winstead in a number of things (a death dodger in Final Destination 3, a girl worth fighting for in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, a ditzy cheerleader in Death Proof), but I honestly had no idea she had a role like Kate in her.


It was recently announced that ACMI in Melbourne will be screening Xavier Dolan’s Laurence Anyways from January 14. It’s a film I have wanted to see for some time, so hopefully it might also get a Sydney release. Cameron Williams saw the film at the Melbourne International Film Festival and has reviewed it here. I’m even more excited to see the film after reading his great review.

Celeste & Jesse Forever has received a criminally small release in Australia (out today), but is well worth seeking out if you have the chance. It’s a film that really surprised me with its honestly and smartly written characters. Andrew Buckle was also taken by the film, and has reviewed it here.

As a film reviewer and general lover of cinema, I often go to the cinema alone. This is a concept which makes many people uncomfortable – for them a trip to the cinema is an outing with friends or a date night. Over at The Velvet Cafe, Jessica has written an excellent piece titled “Five Reasons to go to the Theater Alone“. This really speaks to me!

red dawn

Apparently Red Dawn has been released in Australia today. From the absolute lack of marketing or press screenings, you wouldn’t know it. Has anyone actually seen it here? At Fog’s Movie Reviews, (US-based) Dan Fogarty reviews the film and gives it a D rating – Ouch! Perhaps that’s why it has been ignored…

Summer is coming to the Southern Hemisphere  and with summer comes beautiful bright colours. To celebrate the colours of Summer, Stevee Taylor has listed her Favourite 15 Films Filled with Colour. I feel inspired to watch something pretty now!

Finally this edition, now that awards season has begun The Hollywood Reporter has started publishing their annual “roundtables“. These are videos of discussions held between notable film makers and actors for the year. Head over to their website to check out the first two roundtables – directors and actresses.

Thats it for this edition. Happy film watching everyone!