Nov 082012


The end of year is fast approaching, and as such many of my highly anticipated films are being released. I am very much looking forward to Skyfall, which is already out in the UK, and some lucky media in Australia have already seen. After the jump check out this edition of Film Link Goodness, which includes a little 007….

Over at The Popcorn Junkie, Cameron found both good and bad things about Craig’s third Bond outing. He says, “the film relies on gags and references to previous Bond films with familiar cars, gadgets and one liners that proves it’s only as good as your fondness of the franchise will allow”.

Mike really enjoyed Skyfall, and at The Little Picture Show says, “set pieces are tense and utterly gripping, yet never overplayed”. He also makes some interesting comments about the use of London as the central setting for terrorist attacks.


I was recently completely blind-sided by the wonderful The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Over at The Matinee, Ryan (who was kind enough to link to my review on his site) has written a rather insightful and quite beautiful review of the film. Ryan, you truly are a talented writer.

Talking about beautiful things – at The Film Emporium Andrew has reviewed Once Upton a Time in Anatolia, which he has told me is one of the most beautiful-looking films he has seen recently. In his DVD review he calls the film an “ascinating, enlightening and astutely philosophical procedural that is thematically rich”.

I find the use of music in a film to be one of the most important things about a film’s make-up. A good score or soundtrack will ensure a film remains with me for a long time. At Graffiti With Punctuation Nick Brodie has suggested 10 songs which should be films. I love this idea.


The 16th Japanese Film Festival kicks off in Sydney next week, and over at The Geek of Oz, Ryan takes a look at the quite adorable looking K-On! Movie.

This week I saw New Zealand comedy Two Little Boys and I have decided not to review it. My mother always said, ‘if you don’t have nothing nice to say then….’ If you’d like to learn something about the film, then head over to “…let’s be splendid about this” and read Ruth’s great review. I think she was quite kind.

Finally this week, documentary film West of Memphis has an official trailer ahead of it’s US release. I have been waiting to see this for some time, so I hope an Australian release is on the cards. View the trailer below