Nov 282012


The nominees for the Independent Spirit Awards have been announced via Twitter, and contain a mix of festival favorites, lesser known films and a few box office successes.

Beasts of the Southern Wild, Moonrise Kingdom, and the yet to be released in Australia Silver Linings Playbook all scooped multiple nominations. A surprise omission is Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, although perhaps it was not eligible?

I am beyond pleased that Mary Elizabeth Winstead received a Best Female Lead nomination for her phenomenal performance in the fantastic Smashed. It was also great to see a favourite of mine, The Perks of Being a Wallflower receive a Best First Feature nomination. Also receiving some much deserved praise is Matthew McConaughey, with two nominations – one for Best Male Lead in Killer Joe and one for Best Supporting Lead in Magic Mike.

The Awards will be announced on Saturday February 23 2012. You can find out more by visiting the official website here.

Full list of nominees after the jump.

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Nov 252012

the man with the iron fists poster

A mysterious yet charming gentlemen (played by Russell Crowe) who wears the appearance of a gunslinger enters a brothel. He sees the mistress he wants to spend the night with. Problem? She’s with a large, undesirable looking client already. He walks up to her anyway and grabs her. When her client reacts….HE TAKES OUT A LARGE KNIFE, CUTS HIM IN HALF AND ANNOUNCES HIS NAME TO BE “MR KNIFE” So, without any knowledge of what subtlety is, does The Man with the Iron Fists know how to have a little bit of dirty, bloody dumb fun? Find out after the jump.

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Nov 212012


When New York-based Parisian Marion’s family come from France to visit her things don’t exactly go to plan. Her sister brings an uninvited [uncivilised] guest, her Dad doesn’t know how to behave and they all drive her American partner Mingus crazy. Can their relationship survive her family’s visit? Find out in the review of Two Days in New York after the jump.

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