Oct 252012


The dreaded or delightful (depending on your view) awards season is in full swing, with many of the likely contenders starting to be released in cinemas around the world. This means there is plenty to watch, review and dissect! Check out the late October edition of Film Link Goodness after the jump.

Andrew Buckle of The Film Emporium and  Graffiti With Punctuation had the enviable task of interviewing director Paul Thomas Anderson this week. I am really looking forward to reading his interview, but in the meantime I recommend reading his fantastic analysis of The Master.


Speaking about The Master, I think we can all agree that the score by Jonny Greenwood was something quite special. NPR’s Weekend Edition interviewed the Greenwood about the score – listen here


The 16th Japanese Film Festival announced it’s full programme, and there is plenty to be excited about. For coverage/reviews of the festival you should be following @Kwenton, @DVDBits and @GeekOfOz and their respective sites.



Laurence Anyways, the third feature film from 23 year-old Canadian film-maker Xavier Dolan is a film I am desperately hoping gets a cinema release in Australia. At The Vevlet Café Jessica reviews the film and calls it “melancholic and heartbreaking”.


When Tom Clift was in Sydney a couple of months ago he urged me to try to see the short film It’s Such a Beautiful Day, which he said was one of his favourite films of the year. Sadly I am yet to see the film, but over at Moviedex you can read Tom’s full review and watch a sneak preview of the film.


Please go and wish talented film writer Stevee Taylor a very happy 3rd blog birthday! Her site Cinematic Paradox is a source of great reviews, insight and commentary on all things film. Congratulations Stevee and keep up the amazing work!



Adultery and its fallout is the central feature of many, many movies. Alex at And So It Begins… has done a fantastic pair of posts on his favourite spousal interrogation scenes. Check out 10 Exceptional Cases of Wives Interrogating Their Cheating Husbands and 10 Exceptional Cases of Husbands Interrogating Their Cheating Wives.


Lastly for this edition, I recently checked out Searching for Sugar Man, a fascinating documentary about little-known but phenomenally talented musician Rodriguez. If you get a chance to see the film, I highly recommend that you do so. I am now completely hooked on his amazing music. Listen to the catchy Can’t Get Away below!