Oct 082012


I’ve read lots of great articles and reviews online over the last couple of weeks – it seems that the creative juices are flowing freely for many people. Speaking of creative juices, a couple of Australian sites (this one included) have brought on new writers who have already contributed great content to their new sites. After the jump check out the latest edition of Film Link Goodness!

The big news for this site is that film-maker and reviewer (and good friend!) Chris Elena has come on board as a regular reviewer and contributor to An Online Universe. I feel extremely lucky to have such a talented writer working alongside me, and I am sure that you will enjoy the different perspective that he brings. Check out Chris’s first two reviews for the site – Hotel Transylvania and Safety Not Guaranteed.

Fantastic Australian site Graffiti With Punctuation has recently gained excellent writer/reviewer/festival guru Andrew Buckle of The Film Emporium. Andy will still be keeping his site going in a reduced capacity, but be sure to head over to Graffiti and check out his work there. He has already contributed a great new Five Star Film post.

The single best thing I read in the last couple of weeks is Liam Maguren’s post ‘Looper: Explained (With Straws)‘. It really is genius! [Contains spoilers for Looper].


I recently had the pleasure of watching the utterly charming French film The Intouchables. It was extremely heartfelt without being cheesy, and I laughed a lot. Full review to come before it’s released in Australia on October 25. Darcy Tranter-Cook also really enjoyed the film, and he has written a great review. He says “It’s genuinely funny, aesthetically crisp, thought-provoking, emotional, heart-warming…”.

The trailer for Movie 43 is so terrible that I thought it was a parody. Well, it turns out it’s a real film and Hollywood is really just f*cking with us all. Check out the NSFW Red Band trailer below


A movie depicting the South East Asian tsunami of 2004 isn’t exactly high on my list of ‘must-sees’, and it appears The Impossible is a film I can safely give a miss. Over at Movie Dex Tom Clift reviews the film and calls it, “mawkish, tactless, absurd, manipulative, and above all just plain offensive.

Rewatching films is something that I do often, despite the fact I have a list of films to watch [for the first time] that is longer that my daily commute across Sydney. It’s easy to watch favourite films over-and-over, but I also frequently revisit films that I didn’t really like the first time round. Over at The Matinee Ryan asks the question, “Why would I take a spoonful of something, found it too bitter (or too sweet, or too bland), and not only swallowed it down…but actually served myself up a second helping on my plate?”

Finally this week one of my favourite local reviewers Katia got round to watching the powerful Café de Flore. This film just devestated me [read my review here], and it seems that it also had a powerful impact on Katia. Her review is just sublime.

Thanks for checking out another edition of Film Link Goodness!