Sep 142012

LORE 035  Saskia Rosendahl (Lore)

In war-torn Germany, a young woman is forced to trek across the country with her young siblings to seek refuge with their grandmother. Based on Rachel Seiffert’s bestselling novel The Dark Room, Lore is a unique war story, told from the perspective of the children of Nazis. Full review after the jump.

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Sep 092012

Killer Joe 1

Based on a stage play of the same name, Killer Joe is an odd beast of a film, and one that is almost impossible to pigeon-hole into a particular genre.  Part thriller, part drama, and even part dark comedy – this film about a Texan family who hire killer to take out someone so that they claim the life insurance, is marked by excellent performances and a chilling ending which had me covering my eyes.. Check out my review of the William Friedkin-directed Killer Joe after the jump.

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Sep 042012


The Sydney Underground Film Festival is almost upon us! The festival is taking place September 6-9 at The Factory Theatre in Marrickville. The full programme can be viewed here and information about how to buy tickets can be found here.

I’ve already previewed three films (including the opening and closing nights) here – in this preview I take a look of two of the documentary films showing at the festival, Wikileaks – Secrets & Lies and Hit So Hard. Reviews after the jump!

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Sep 042012



An Online Universe is proud to join the ranks of the Large Association of Movie Blogs, as LAMB #1345.

Many of my fellow bloggers and critics who I now consider my friends are LAMB members, so I’m very happy that I am now one of them.

For more information about the LAMB, please go here.

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