Sep 242012

wolf children

There is no better procrastination that reading the awesome film reviews, articles, and discussions written by insightful and intelligent people from all corners of the globe. After the jump check out the film link goodness I’ve been reading recently.

The 20th saw the release of 3D horror (comedy?) Bait. I thought the film looked ridiculous fun, kind of like Piranha 3D. I haven’t seen it yet, but over at Graffiti with Punctuation there are two very different opinions – stupid fun, and just plain stupid.

Some people take their dedication to writing and their passion for film to a whole other level. Over at The Matinee Ryan has recently posted his 1000th article in a row – one post a day for 1000 days! That is dedication people. Congratulations to Ryan for this impressive feat, and for constantly turning out fantastic content.

I recently checked out Wolf Children showing as part of Madman’s Reel Anime festival. While I liked the film and the moments of pure joy it contained, it’s not one that will stick with me. Ryan at Geek of Oz loved the film, and has written a great review, where he calls the film “an instant classic” – I’ll defiantly need to give this a second viewing. 




The  2012 Lavazza Italian Film Festival is currently taking place in Melbourne and Sydney (soon moving on to Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide). Over at The Film Emporium Andrew has reviewed a number of titles, including the impressive Shun Li and the Poet.

Aucklanders are lucky to have new resource to turn to when deciding what to see at the cinema. Auckland Cinephile ( provides a weekly roundup of regular cinema releases and also special one-off or retro screenings showing at Auckland cinemas.

I recently had the misfortune of watching Southland Tales on DVD. What a bloated bore of a film – it was like a game of celebrity bingo in a tangled mess of incoherent stories. Turns out Mark Kemode wasn’t a fan either. Listen to his short [but sweet] rant below.

Did you know “mumblecore” was a thing? Neither did I. Apparently it describes “the way the films’ twentysomething characters converse with one another (i.e., almost inaudibly)”. Over at The Listener, Hugh Lily reviews the latest mumblecore offshoot Your Sister’s Sister and explains the origins of the style.

The Toronto International Film Festival is over for another year, and as such the list of films I am looking forward to has grown immensely. Over at justAtad Cory has written a fantastic round-up of his TIFF 2012 experience, including links to all the films he has posted his thoughts on. I’m not jealous at all…….not ever a little (*crosses fingers behind back*).

Finally this week I have to do a little bit of self-promotion. I’ve recently been added as a contributing critic to Choc Bomb ( – a great Australian website which provides aggregate scores of new release films (as well as links to full reviews), sourced from a range of Australian critics. Check out my bio on this page, and be sure to check out the scores of the latest films here.