Sep 072012


Oh internet, you provide such a bounty of interesting things to read and watch! After the jump, see the film-related link goodness for early September 2012.

The film community was very sad to learn of the sudden passing of actor Michael Clarke Duncan. While most of us will remember him from his role in The Green Mile, Alex @ And So it Begins… has highlighted his five essential roles in his latest ‘In Character post.

Ryan from The Matinee is currently attending his 11th Toronto International Film Festival. While Ryan is a film festival veteran, there seems to be always one film each year which gets away.

Also @ TIFF are Sam from Duke and The Movies, and Tom who writes for various sites and his own blog. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and check out their sites for TIFF 2012 updates and reviews.


I recently enjoyed Your Sister’s Sister, a 2011 TIFF film which is only now hitting screens in Australia in New Zealand. Dwayne has written an excellent review of the film on his site. The LennoX Files.

Mark @ These Words are Bullets is working his way through the Sight & Sound Top 50. Be sure to check his site for regular updates. His most recent post is a reminder that I really need to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Dave the man in the know about DVD & Blu-ray releases at Graffiti With Punctuation has reviewed the US Standard & Ltd Ed Digi-book Editions of the greatest comedy of all time The Big Lebowski. You must abide by this dude’s recommendations.

The Hunt

Dan Slevin has recently attend the 39th annual Telluride Film Festival. I’ve really enjoyed reading his diary entries – especially the story about how he met a gentleman who edited The Hunt.

Lore has just been announced as the Australian entry for consideration for Best Foreign Language Film for the 2013 Academy Awards. I am yet to see the film (that will happen tonight), but Andrew @ The Film Emporium has seen it, and in his review says it is a “satisfying and very well crafted film”.

Finally, Lee Zachariah bought to my attention this video, which features a clip from each one of Criterion’s 600+ releases in a mere two-and-a-half minute film. Oh how I drooled watching it. Enjoy!