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Ah Spring. Flowers are blooming, the temperature is rising, and the quality of films at the cinema is generally on the increase. After the jump check out my 10 most anticipated films due to be released this Spring.

Killer Joe – September 6

Killer Joe


Looper – September 27



 Taken 2 October 4



Killing Them Softly – October 11

killing them softly


Lawless – October 11



Argo – October 25



The Intouchables – October 25



The Master – November 8

the master


Robot and Frank – November 15

robot and frank


Skyfall – November 22


As well as these films, I can  recommend Beasts of the Southern Wild (September 13) which I have already seen.

My most anticipated has to be Skyfall. I just adore Daniel Craig as Bond and can’t wait to see how this film turns out. Even if it is terrible, he will look good.

I’m also really excited for Looper, has I am a fan of director Rian Johnson’s previous films Brick and The Brothers Bloom.

The Master is no doubt the top of most lists. While I am excited for it, I am somewhat tiring of everyone’s over-excitement and anticipation. November is quite some time away…

And yes, I am serious about Taken 2. I love Liam Neeson in full bad-ass mode. This is my idea of a popcorn-action flick, and I am going to enjoy the hell out of it.

What do you think of my picks? Have I missed any?

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  1. I’m really excited for Looper, Argo, The Master, and Robot and Frank. Nice list!

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