Quarterly Film Round-Up: July – September 2012

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Sep 302012

tthe-imposter-movie-image-01I can’t believe three-quarters of 2012 is now behind us! This quarter has seen me visit Melbourne and attend the Melbourne International Film Festival for the first time; I also covered the Korean Film Festival in Australia, Possible Worlds Canadian Film Festival, and The Sydney Underground Film Festival. Wow – it was super busy in parts! September has been a relatively quiet month, and I have taken a break from watching films daily – instead I focused on seeing new releases and watched the odd DVD.

I watched 82 feature films during this quarter (down from my 1 per day due to less activity in September). This takes my total to 273 feature films viewed thus far in 2012, which has me exactly on target for my goal of a film a day. You can check out my January – March round-up here, and April – June here. After the jump check out my top 10 “new to me” films for the third quarter of 2012.

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The Best Films Set In….High school

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Sep 262012

reese witherspoon electionThis is the seventh post in my “The Best Films Set In…” series. The setting can be a place (like Tokyo), a location (like the beach), or a time (like Winter). In these posts I’m going to pick my 5 favourite films that are set in that particular place/location/time and explain why I like them. Up this week is The Best Films Set In…High school.

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Film Link Goodness: Late September 2012 Edition

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Sep 242012

wolf children

There is no better procrastination that reading the awesome film reviews, articles, and discussions written by insightful and intelligent people from all corners of the globe. After the jump check out the film link goodness I’ve been reading recently.

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Sep 232012


Thirty years from now time travel has been invented and outlawed. Loopers “clean up” loose-ends for criminal organisations in the future, by killing people sent back in time and disposing of their bodies. But what if one day future-you was one of the loose-ends sent back for you to kill? Check out my thoughts on the sci-fi action film Loooper after the jump.

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Ruby Sparks

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Sep 182012

Ruby Sparks

Imagine if you wrote your dream man or woman into existence? That’s exactly what writer Calvin did in the delightful, yet slightly dark Ruby Sparks. Review after the jump.

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From Up On Poppy Hill

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Sep 172012


The highest grossing Japanese film of 2011, From Up On Poppy Hill (コクリコ坂から) was written by the master of animation Hayao Miyazaki (with Keiko Niwa, and based on the comics written by Tetsuro Sayama), directed by Goro Miyazaki, and was produced by animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli – What a pedigree! Thankfully the film lives up to the reputation of the names behind it. It’s a heartfelt and charming story, anchored by historical facts and the strong female characters which Ghibli films are known for. Review after the jump!

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