Aug 152012


Being the film mad person that I am, I don’t take holidays, I go to film festivals. This is probably a more exhausting exercise than actually working, but it is oh so rewarding. Getting to see the amazing range of films and meet such a fantastic group of people only happens at film festivals – they are magical, magical places.

Due to work commitments and the fact that I want to try to see some of the city, I’ll only be seeing 9 films during my time in Melbourne (you know you’re a film nut when you think 9 films in 3 days isn’t many…but it really isn’t).

Below is my MIFF schedule. I hope to see some of you there. While I won’t be reviewing or posting on the site while I’m in Melbourne, I will be active on the Twitters ( @sakura_59).

Fri 17th August

4.00pm – In the Fog
6.30pm – The Imposter
9.00pm – God Bless America

Sat 18th August

11.00am – Undefeated 
1.30pm – Ruby Sparks
4.00pm – The Suicide Shop
7.30pm – Mental + Closing Night Party

Sun 19th August

10.15am – Laurence Anyways
4.00pm – The Hunt

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  1. You’ll love The Imposter and God Bless America. In fact, here’s my review: