Aug 272012


Welcome to the first edition of what will be a new twice-monthly feature on the site! I’ve been inspired by many other bloggers such as Andrew and Ryan (who regularly post links to interesting and inspiring writing/pieces that they read), to start my own “links round-up” post of sorts. I won’t be doing mine every week, but the plan is to post twice a month. This should give me plenty of time to accumulate great articles to share with you all.

So after the jump, I present my first ever Film Link Goodness post!



The 3rd Korean Film Festival (KOFFIA) in Australia is currently taking place in Sydney, and will soon be moving on to Melbourne, and then Brisbane. Over at the KOFFIA Blog – Discover Your Connection you can read reviews of some of the films and also personal accounts of people’s experiences at the festival.

Andrew at The Film Emporium has also reviewed four of the KOFFIA films on his site. Visit his Festivals page for links to reviews of War of the Arrows, Bleak Night, Silenced and Arirang.

The Angel’s Share recently screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival, and is one I am very disappointed I missed. Over at Graffiti With Punctuation Cameron Williams has written a great review of the film which he says “mixes mirth with tears beautifully”.

Alex Thomas from Time For A Film has the early scoop on Kath & Kimderella, the first foray into feature films for much-loved Australian TV characters.


Holy Motors has recently screened at the New Zealand International Film Festival and was released in Australian cinemas on August 23rd. It’s been really fascinating to read the very different reactions that people have had, both positive and negative- this is why I love film!

Mark Roulston at These Words Are Bullets describes the film as “a pure cinematic experience designed to confront and challenge our understanding of the art form at every level”. His review is here.

The film community was very sad to learn of the passing of director Tony Scott.

Over at The Reel Bits there is a fantastic tribute to the director, with a showcase of the posters from all of Scott’s films from The Hunger through to Unstoppable.


I watched On The Road at the Sydney Film Festival, and I didn’t really enjoy it. Diana, who writes on her blog Aziza’s Picks recently attended the UK Première of the film and really enjoyed it. I enjoyed reading her take on the film.

Sam Fragoso who writes at Duke &The Movies is going to be attending the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival. His TIFF line-up makes my mouth water….

Finally, the iconic film Jaws has recently been released on Blu-ray. Matt at Matt’s Movie Reviews has taken another look at the film, and confirms it is still deserving of it’s iconic status.

That’s all for this edition of Film Link Goodness. I’ll back back in a couple of weeks with a bunch of new film goodness for you to read.