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Nostra from Myfilmviews has recently started really interesting new blogathon called “Movie Confessions”. This is all about owning up to those little secrets we might have, the gaps in our knowledge, and our guilty pleasures. I was inspired by Andy Buckle at The Film Emporium

Which classic movie don’t you like/can’t enjoy and why?

the godfather

I know it’s probably a sin not to like The Godfather, so call me a sinner. I have watched this film multiple times in the hope I would get “it” but I never have. This film has never managed to hook me in, and I usually find myself either becoming bored or falling asleep. I am sure there are millions of women who love this film, but this woman finds it extremely masculine and hard to connect to. I do admit it has some great dialogue, so I can’t say I hate this film, I just don’t particularly like it.

Which ten classic movies haven’t you seen yet?

Paths of Glory

I am actually quite ashamed at the gaps in my classic film knowledge. While I’ve been a lover of films for years, it took me a long time to learn how to enjoy the classics. Below are just ten of hundreds….

  1. Paths of Glory (Stanley Kubrick, 1975)
  2. The Birds (Alfred Hitchcock, 1963)
  3. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Howard Hawks, 1953)
  4. Roman Holiday (William Wyler, 1953)
  5. Black Narcissus (Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger, 1946)
  6. Guys and Dolls (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1955)
  7. M (Frtiz Lang, 1931)
  8. Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf (Mike Nichols, 1966)
  9. Double Indemnity (Billy Wilder, 1944)
  10. It Happened One Night (Frank Capra, 1934)


Have you ever sneaked into another movie at the cinema?



Which actor/actress do you think is overrated?


I’m sorry but I have to go with Steve Carall. He is great in the office, and I really enjoyed him in The 40 Year Old Virgin, and Little Miss Sunshine but since then I’ve found him to be really uninteresting. The problem with Steve Carall is, he plays Steve Carall in almost every film – seriously just think about it, he is the same character over and over again.


From which big director have you never seen any movie (and why)?

I’ve never seen a single Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger film. I know – it’s hard to believe. Like I said, I was a bit slow getting into the classics, and this pair is one which I just haven’t got to yet.


Which movie do you love, but is generally hated?

Cruel Intentions

I’m not sure if this film is generally hated, but I know that I love Cruel Intentions way more than most people – In fact it’s in my top 50 films of all time. For me it is the perfect mix of drama, comedy, scandal, sex, and games – rich people f*cking with each other’s lives. I love it.


Have you ever been “one of those annoying people” at the cinema?

I’m sure that I have annoyed people by laughing a little too loudly at inappropriate moments, but I like to think that on the whole I’m a very well-mannered cinema-goer.


Did you ever watch a movie, which you knew in advance would be bad, just because of a specific actor/actress was in it? Which one and why? 

I actually can’t think of anything off the top of my head – actually I’m more like to avoid a bad-looking film because I like the actor/actress. I haven’t watched This Means War yet because I like Tom Hardy too much, and don’t want to see him in anything like that.


Did you ever not watch a specific movie because it had subtitles? 

Never. There are times when I’ll choose not to watch a subtitled film because I’m too tired, but I would never not watch something because it was subtitled.


Are there any movies in your collection that you have had for more than five years and never watched?

No. Surprisingly my DVD collection isn’t that big, so there is nothing that has remained unwatched for that length of time.


Which are the worst movies in your collection and why do you still own them?

The Beaver

Well I never get rid of films once I have them, so there are movies I’ve one or blind-bought which aren’t great – The Beaver, War of the Worlds, and Submarine are three that I’m not that fond of. You never know, someone might want to watch them some day…


Do you have any confessions about your movie watching setup at home?

I watch films on my laptop far more often than I should. I’m also yet to convert to Blu-ray. I own a few discs, but I’ve never made the leap and got a player. There is something about have those ugly blue plastic covers on my shelf which doesn’t appeal. It’s just a matter of time though.


Any other confessions you want to make?

I’ve only started to really watch horror and certain thriller films again in the last few years. When I was a teenager I freaked myself out watching slasher films, and as a result I stayed away from the horror and [to an extent also] the thriller genre for around a decade. I still watch most horror films during the day though….

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  1. I just watched the Birds for the first time last week coincidentally. It’s crazy, great for Hitchcock fans! I stayed away from the horror/thriller genre for a while as well, only really started watching a little this year. Great list of confessions here 🙂

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