Jun 142012


Another Adam Sandler comedy…this of course means another bunch of jokes and skits about masturbation, oral sex, peeing, and getting wasted. Read the review after the jump!

Donny Burger (Adam Sandler) is somewhat of a “celebrity”. When he was 13 he was raped by his teacher, and fathered a child to her. I use the word rape, because no matter how you sugar-coat it as just a teenage sexual fantasy come true, a woman seducing, and then having sex with a 13-year-old child is rape. The fact that she was his teacher just adds an extra layer of grime to it. She is jailed for her crime and Donny is left to raise the child, which he does until the child 18-years old and leaves home, cutting Donny out from his life completely.

So let’s try to forget this whole comedy is built around sexual abuse, and move along…

The child, who Donny named Han Solo (Andy Samberg) is now 30 and about to get married to the beautiful Jamie (Leighton Meester). He has changed his name to Todd and has built a successful life since becoming estranged from his father – he tells people that both of his parents were killed in an accident. Everything is going well for Todd and carefully constructed life, until Donny comes back into the picture.

Donny is a bit of a loser who has traded on his “celebrity” for some time. He hasn’t paid a considerable amount of taxes, and needs to get $43,000 to pay his tax bill or he will end up in prison. Donny cooks up a plan to reunite with his son and take him to the prison to visit his mother, where their family reunion will be filmed for tv – for this Donny will be paid enough to keep him out of prison. When he turns up a few days before the wedding, his son isn’t exactly happy to see him, and its an uphill battle for Donny to win him over and form a new relationship with him.


If you’ve seen an Adam Sandler comedy before, then you know what to expect – its crude and filled with toilet jokes and sexual humour. As well as that there is a nice dose of racism, sexism, and general douchebaggery. For the most part the humour just isn’t funny – it’s very immature and plays to the lowest level of intelligence. Sure the odd joke hits the mark, but certainly not enough to justify the 115 minute running time. There was absolutely no need for this film to be almost 2 hours long. The story was relatively simple, and it didn’t need to be padded out with scenes of the characters drinking, urinating, and jerking off.

Adam Sandler plays his usual character in this film – does he really need to speak with such an annoying whiny voice in every film? Who speaks like that really? Andy Samberg is slightly more amusing than Sandler, but he plays such an unlikeable character – a whiny, unconfident guy who is so submissive and pathetic.  The one performance I did enjoy was that of Vanilla Ice, who plays himself as a washed up celebrity from the 80s that works in a food-truck frying nuggets. He spends much of the film making fun of himself, and adds some much-needed genuine humour.


One last thing I have to mention is the product placement. I’m not sure how much Budwiser paid to be in this film, but it must have been a lot of money. Donny is an alcoholic who always has a beer in his hand – it’s a running joke throughout the film that he always has to be drinking and will somehow have a beer on his person and be able to open in on whatever is around him. Vaseline also features several times…….you can guess why.

Overall this film delivers exactly what you would expect – an R-rated comedy filled with crude jokes, a boring story, and Adam Sandler jerking off.

The Facts

Director: Sean Anders
Writer(s): David Caspe
Starring: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester, Vanilla Ice
Runtime: 114 minutes
Release date(s): Australia: June 14 2012; USA: June 15 2012; New Zealand August 23 2012