Jun 252012

Milo and Otis

Over at Cinema ParadoxStevee Taylor posted “100 Cinema Facts About Me”, a fascinating and personal list of film facts which gives an interesting insight into her viewing history and feelings about certain aspects of film. This post has been replicated by many other film blogs including Inspired Ground Splendid and Lovely, and Cinematic Corner. I was inspired by my fellow bloggers to create my own list – you can read it after the jump.

1. Milo and Otis makes me sob

2. The first film I saw in the cinema (according to my parents, who should know) was The Little Mermaid, but the first film I remember seeing is The Beauty and the Beast

3. My favourite Disney film is The Lion King

4. But I think Studio Ghibli films are for the most part far superior

5. Totoro is my favourite Ghibli film, and my third favourite film overall

6. My favourite film is Lost in Translation

7. I’m still scared of the Scream masks after all these years

8. I was too scared to use the bathroom in the cinema for a year or so after seeing the second Scream film.

9. I’m actually quite a wimp when it comes to horror and slasher films

10. I’ve never seen any films from the Saw, Hostel, Paranormal Activity, or REC franchises


11. I’ve never seen a Star Wars film either

12. A few years ago I tried watching A New Hope but I got bored and turned it off

13. I’m afraid they can never live up to the hype and their importance in pop culture

14. I’m afraid I’m not really a film buff If I don’t like them

15. The only film I’ve ever walked out of was The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson

16. I wanted to walk out of Wuthering Heights at the 2012 Sydney Film Festival so badly, but I didn’t

17. The films I’ve seen the most times at the cinema (three times) are Drive and The Lion King 

18. I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part One twice at the cinema (and paid both times) because I’m a good friend and couldn’t say no. No, I didn’t enjoy it

19. Perhaps if I were really a good friend I would have taken them to Midnight in Paris instead – a film I didn’t particularly like, but it was out at the same time and it is clearly the better film

20. The film I’ve seen the most times (I’ve lost count – at least 3o times) is Home Alone.  I watch it every Christmas Eve without fail. It’s sort of become my thing, and if you’re with me on Christmas Eve, you have no say in the matter.


21. I think Home Alone: Lost in New York is one of the best sequels ever made

22. The film I’ve been the most excited about ever seeing was the first Harry Potter film. I skipped school and went by myself because I just couldn’t wait.

23 The third Harry Potter film is my favourite, but I think they are all pretty decent adaptations.

24. I’m embarrassed about how many “classic” films I’m yet to see

25. I studied Japanese film at university

26. Hayao Miyzaki is my favourite working director

27. Kikujiro no natsu is my favourite Japanese feature film

28. Recently I’ve loved a lot of French language films, and haven’t watched much Japanese cinema at all

29. I think my tastes are evolving, but sometimes I worry they’re not

30. My friends think I spend too much time at the cinema


31. I love Happy Gilmore. It’s one of the rare films that my family can watch together and really enjoy.

32. My mum and I share a love of terrible disaster films

33. My favourites are Dante’s Peak and Night of the Twisters

34. The last film I saw at the cinema with my family was The Muppets and they loved it.

35. The first film I remember paying for a ticket for (out of my $10 a week pocket-money) was Free Willy 2

36. When i was 11-12 years old I used to go to the cinema every second week. For my $10 of pocket-money I could get a ticket to a movie and a combo from McDonalds

37. I found out Princess Diana had died when my Mum picked me up after a movie. I remember crying in the car on the way home.

38. The last movie I argued about with my parents was The Guard – they didn’t like it and I loved it.

39. I gave my Mum Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy as part of her last birthday gift

40. My parents just bought a Blu-ray player and the first film they bought was Drive. I was so proud of them

Ryan Gosling Drive

41. I have a teenage girl crush on Ryan Gosling

42. Until Drive, I activily avoided Ryan Gosling films because I hate The Notebook so much.

43. I really really hate The Notebook

44. I really really hate War Horse, but I recently saw part of a documentary about the stage play and it looks amazing – I really want to see it

45. Sometimes I get defensive if people don’t like the same films as me

46. I love when people ask for a film recommendation, but I’m terrified they’ll hate it and blame me

47. I always say what I think about films – i don’t really care if I’m supposed to feel a certain way.

48. I’m yet to be convinced that 3D is more than a fad

49. The first feature-length film I saw in 3D was Coraline, and I loved it

50. The last film I saw in 3D was Prometheus and although I liked the film, the 3D was pointless and gave me a headache. I rewatched it in 2D, and it was so much more enjoyable

cafe de flore

51. The last film that made me cry was Café De Flore – I didn’t actually cry during the film but I found myself crying afterwards

52. The reason I cried was I related with the theme of the importance of music in life – how it shapes events and people and your memory of them. This resonates with me, as I am someone who associates people, times, and places with music

53. All of the films I truly love have fantastic soundtracks or scores

54. I’m currently obsessed with the soundtrack from the film C.R.A.Z.Y.

55. My favourite soundtrack from 2011 is from The Social Network. I’ve played that album more that 1500 times

56. My favourite moment from a film involving music is the scene from Romeo and Juliet in which Leonardo DiCaprio is walking down the beach at sunrise. He’s smoking a cigarette and looking disheveled in yesterday’s clothes. The song that is playing is “Talk Show Host” by Radiohead

57. “Talk Show Host” is one of the first songs I learnt to play on guitar, and remains one of my favourite songs of all time

58. The first soundtrack I ever bought was The Lion King (cassette tape). My friend and I used to play it with only the music on (and the vocals off) and sing along

59. I want to rewatch Holy Motors for the accordion scene alone – I need that music

60. Although I love music in films, I actually don’t like musicals very much. I find them cheesy and over-the-top


61. The last DVD I bought was The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Fincher) – but that was a gift and not for me

62. My DVDS are alphabetized by title. Sometimes I think I should group them by director, but I think that would bug me

63. I don’t like The Godfather

64. Ditto for Donnie Darko and Napoleon Dynamite

65. The last film I saw at the cinema (at the time of writing this – Monday 25 June) was Brave (in 2D) and I loved it.

66. My favourite Pixar film is Wall.E. It makes me cry every time

67. If I ever have children, I think I will stress over which film to take them to see at the cinema first. I’d want it to be a classic, and something they could be proud to say was their first cinema experience

68. I still remember when cinemas had intermission. I’d beg for a choc-top or a pottle of snifters

69. When I travelled through Europe I was horrified that most cinemas still had intermission. During a screening of Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince the film stopped for intermission at a really tense moment and I almost had a fit. It was almost 20 minutes until it started again

70. In Japan people generally sit through to the end of the credits. I learnt the hard way that leaving early is thought of as impolite


71. My preferred spot in the cinema is about one-third from the front – centre if it’s 3D, or slightly to the left for a normal film. I hate sitting up the back.

72. I’m not afraid to tell talkers, texters, phone-users etc off. I once got a group of teenagers thrown out of my local cinema because they were throwing food

73. I rarely buy food at the cinema – As a teenager/poor student, I used to spend a lot of time hiding food in jackets, bags etc, and sneaking in to the cinema (they would sometimes search your bag)

74. My favourite thing to buy is an icecream, although it’s always finished before the film starts. In Japan I would often buy a ‘beer and hotdog’ combo

75. I have snuck a hipflask of spirits into the odd film

76. I’ve never been to a drive-in theatre

77. I like the idea of outdoor theatres, but I think the reality is not as romantic as the idea

78. I don’t understand why some people are so adverse to reading subtitles in foreign films. I feel sad that they are missing out on so much

79. When living in Japan I used to watch dubbed versions of American films on late night TV. I still remember laughing so hard at Tommy Lee Jones with a squeaky feminine Japanese male voice

80. I went to Yakushima (an island 3 hours by ferry from Kagoshima, Kyūshū in Japan) just so I could visit the forest that inspired Miyazaki to complete Princess Mononoke


81. Boy is probably my favourite New Zealand film

82. I’m ashamed how little New Zealand cinema I’ve actually watched

83. It’s not that there isn’t good New Zealand cinema, it’s just that it generally doesn’t interest me that much

84. I adore The Lord of the Rings films and know/have been to many of the places they were filmed in

85. I met Gwenyth Paltrow when she was filming Sylvia in my hometown. She was pleasant but distant

86. Scarfies is a great New Zealand film which was filmed in my hometown. I really like it

87. I find most Australian cinema to be rather dark and depressing. I’ve made an effort to watch more since I moved here

88. My favourite Australian film is The Castle – it’s one that seems to pop up on TV every 6months, and I enjoy it every time

89. This year I’m intending to attend parts of the Melbourne and Brisbane International Film Festivals. It was my first year at the Sydney Film Festival and I loved it

90. My favourite film festival memory is a tie between seeing Drive at the beautiful Embassy Theatre in Wellington (closing night of NZFF 2011), and seeing Paris in the equally grand Regent Theatre in Dunedin (either at NZFF or the World Cinema Showcase)

Michael Fassbender

91. I love a long take. The scene in Shame which shows Michael Fassbender running through the streets of New York gives me the chills

92. Michael Fassbender is my current favourite actor

93. My current favourite actress is probably Carey Mulligan. She is simply stunning and so talented

94. Sometimes I worry that I spend too much of my time devoted to film – and then I see a film that blows me away and I fall in love with film all over again

95. I often wonder if I should have studied film or taken it a little more seriously. As it is, I would call film my 2nd (unpaid) full-time passion job.

96. I want to attend the Toronto International Film Festival, Sundance, and SXSW sometime in the next 5 (maybe 10) years – they’re on my bucket-list

97. The last film that truly blew me away was Holy Motors. I was on such a high after that film that I felt really sad when it wore off. A good film is like a drug

98. If I could have dinner with any 3 directors (living or dead), they would be Hayao Miyazaki, Akira Kurosawa, and David Fincher

99. The film I’m most looking forward to in the next 12 months is Only God Forgives (this is likely to change as new films pop up)

100. There is no way I’ll ever catch up with all the films I’ve missed. I just have to hope that the gaps in my knowledge close over time. I guess I better keep watching films then