May 172012


Too many films, too little time! Check out our brief thoughts on 3 films currently available to rent & own.

I Melt with You


It’s hard to properly describe what this film was about because it didn’t really feel like it was about much at all. What it felt like was a bunch of 44-year-old friends getting together to get completely wasted and complain about how disappointing their lives are. The friends talk about the “good times” and wonder how the hell they got into the situations they are in. About halfway through the film something changes and the film goes from a series of drunken montages, to a series of montages of men lashing out and being depressed and idiotic. Although the film attempts to tackle serious themes, it fails completely because the characters are such one-dimensional self-centred horrible creatures. Also – just because the characters were high, doesn’t mean that the camera-operators had to be high too. What a messy film and a waste of 2 hours of my time. [Read a real review of this film here].

We Bought A Zoo 


A perfectly charming and sweet family film which won’t totally bore the adult members of the family. After the death of his wife, Benjamin Mee (Matt Damon) moves his two children and himself to a country home which happens to come with a run-down, struggling zoo. Despite his lack of knowledge and dwindling finances, Benjamin and the few remaining zoo staff set out on a mission to re-open the zoo, saving both the animals and the Mee family in the process. Yes this film is cheesy and yes it moralistic, but for the most part it manages to successfully walk the line between delightful and sickening. Matt Damon does the every-man very well, and as always it’s great to see Thomas Haden Church on the big-screen. However, the show-stealer is the utterly adorable Maggie Elizabeth Jones who plays the young Mee daughter, Rosie – she lights up the screen with every beaming smile.



A sweet and touching story about an awkward 15-year old kid who is doing his best to get through life. Terri hasn’t had it easy, and yet his spirit is unshakable and his heart is strong. Struggling at school, Terri is taken under the wing of the unconventional vice-principal (played by John C Reilly). The two form an unusual, yet strong bond, as they help each other navigate the waters of high school and the various obstacles that pop up. While the film doesn’t exactly tread new ground, Terri is such a wonderful character that you are willing to forgive the film it’s few sins. We’ve all known a Terri or have some of Terri in us, and therefore it’s easy to relate to him and his daily struggle. A very heart-warming film.